How To Change WAN IP On Comcast?

change wan ip on comcast
change wan ip on comcast

For everyone who needs a wireless internet connection, Comcast has become their most preferred choice. That’s obviously because of the high-speed internet and consistent performance. On the other hand, some users are asking about Change WAN IP on Comcast because they have no information about this message. So, let’s check out what this message means with Comcast!

How To Change WAN IP On Comcast?

When it comes down to the Comcast cable internet users, their IP addresses tend to remain the same for years. According to the tech support, the IP is dynamic, but we have identified it as static. For the users who need to change WAN IP on Comcast, they can follow the methods mentioned in the section below;

Power Cycle

Power cycling the router/modem is suggested by Comcast technical support. According to Comcast technical support, power cycling the router/modem will change the IP. For this purpose, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • In the first step, you need to switch off the router and the Comcast modem
  • Once switched off, wait for around twenty seconds or two minutes (it’s up to you)
  • After two minutes or twenty seconds, switch on the Comcast modem and wait for one minute
  • Then, switch on the router, and the IP address will be changed

On the other hand, power cycling helps for a very limited user base. This is because when some users check the IP, it’s still the same. For this purpose, you can follow the next method for changing the IP.

MAC Address

In case power cycling the modem and router didn’t work out for you, you need to change to follow this method. Keep in mind that this method involves changing the MAC address. However, it can sometimes disrupt the settings of the router and modem. So, follow the steps as we have mentioned!

  • First of all, login to the router and move to the MAC address section
  • Now, move to the WAN MAC address tab on the page
  • Then, change the MAC address’s last digit but don’t edit any other details
  • After changing the MAC address’s last digit, simply power cycle the router and power
  • Wait for around two minutes and switch on the Comcast modem
  • Once the modem is switched on, switch on the router and let it boot up

When these steps are complete, the IP will be changed. Even more, after changing the MAC address’s last digit, you can also reset the modem. Personally, we prefer the reset the power cycle can work as well.

Bridge Mode

In case the IP is still not changed, there are chances that your modem doesn’t support this method. In simpler words, if the modem has a built-in router, you must bypass the router. For this purpose, it’s best that you use the bridge mode. However, keep in mind that after using the bridge mode, you will need to use the router for connecting multiple devices.

In case nothing seems to resolve this message, you can call Comcast technical support. The technical support team will troubleshoot your network and Comcast modem, and it will change WAN IP!

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