3 Ways To Fix CenturyLink High Ping

centurylink high ping
centurylink high ping

High ping is the most common latency issues in online gaming. Gamers, in particular, are affected by this. Ping refers to the time it takes for your actions to register in the game’s server. For instance, let’s take a person with a high ping and another with a lower ping. If both of their characters shoot at the same time, the person with the lower ping will have his shot registered first. This is why high ping will always be a disadvantage, especially in online games where reaction time matters. Mostly. High ping is caused due to a connection problem on the user’s side.

Troubleshoot CenturyLink High Ping

CenturyLink’s customers have been facing high ping issues for quite a while now. Gamers have especially been affected by this. If you’re a gamer and facing high ping using CenturyLink, then you should not worry at all!

Today, we will focus on how you can fix your high ping in games, and finally, get the wins that you deserve. All of the ways you can troubleshoot and fix high ping while using CenturyLink are listed below:

  1. Number of Devices Using Your Internet

One of the most common things affecting your ping in online games is how many devices are currently using the internet. First, you need to check the number of devices connected to the internet. You will also need to check how they are using your internet. If there is any device downloading something, pause it.

Doing so should definitely help your ping get a lot better. Just as a precaution, we’d suggest you to change your Wi-Fi password as well. This should eliminate any unnecessary usage of the internet from other devices.

  1. Going Wired

The next thing you should do is to change your connection from wireless to wired. In simple words, if your computer is connected wirelessly, use a high-quality ethernet cable. Wired connection is always more stable and gives you better performance especially in games compared to wireless.

If you absolutely can’t use an ethernet cable, then check your Wi-Fi signal strength. If it’s poor, simply use a Wi-Fi extender or place your computer near the router to have better results. We’d still recommend you to always use a wired connection as it will definitely give you better results. Also, check if you are not using an old modem or router.

  1. Contact Support

If you’ve tried everything on your side, try contacting your ISP. Tell them about the high pings you are facing. They might ask you to ping a few results in Command Prompt. Also, if you’re only facing high ping in games and your internet is working just fine, tell them to fix your routes. A bad route can cause high ping in certain regions.

If your ISP tells you that they are unable to fix your router, then try using a reliable VPN. Make sure to choose the region as same as the game’s server region. Your issue should be resolved if it was bad routing.

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