6 Ways To Fix Suddenlink Caller ID TV Not Working

suddenlink caller id tv not working
suddenlink caller id tv not working

Caller ID is one of the most promising features designed by Suddenlink because it helps check how is calling you. So, when the Suddenlink Caller ID TV not working issue occurs, it can be hard. With this article, we are sharing the fixes that will resolve the caller ID issue!

How To Fix Suddenlink Caller ID TV Not Working?


When you want the caller ID to work on your TV, you will need to call Suddenlink and make sure they have submitted your CNAM. The updated CNAM is essential for optimizing the connection and caller ID feature. Once they update the CNAM, the caller ID feature will start working.

2. Channel

While you are thinking that updating the CNAM will resolve the issue, but it doesn’t, you need to tune in to the right channel. With this being said, if you want to access caller ID on your Suddenlink plan with TC, you must ensure that you are tuned into channel 1001.

3. Enable

Well, if you cannot access the caller ID feature on TV, there are chances that you haven’t enabled the feature at all. For this reason, press the blue button on your remote and go to the caller ID menu. Then, you can check the status by using the arrow buttons. So, switch it off and try again. On the other hand, if you cannot use this method, you can also dial *234# from your phone and it will tune in the correct settings for using the caller ID.

4. Number Management

In case you’ve already enabled the caller ID feature, it’s likely that you aren’t using the right settings or number management. For this purpose, open the account and hit the manage numbers option. Then, press the edit button in front of the phone number that you want to access. You can also set the name for the number. Once the phone number and name are edited, hit the save changes button and you will be good to go.

5. Toggle 

If the caller ID is still not working, you can try toggling it on and off. For this purpose, open the settings and go down to the phone tab. From this tab, open the show my caller ID option and toggle it off. After some minutes, toggle it on and we are pretty sure the caller ID will start working on the TV.

6. Subscription

To be honest, you will not be able to use the caller ID on your TV with Suddenlink if you aren’t subscribed to the right services. This is because the users must be subscribed to SL200 HDTV, along with a home phone to ensure it works on the TV. As a result, whenever there is a call on your phone, the caller ID will be broadcasted on the bottom of the TV. On the contrary, keep in mind that it will take six days for this feature to work properly.

All in all, if nothing to work out the caller ID issue on the TV, you may have to call Suddenlink customer support and they will help get the service back on track!

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