7 Ways To Fix CenturyLink DSL Not Working

centurylink dsl not working
centurylink dsl not working

Wireless internet connections are popular for sure but DSL connections are preferred by the majority of people. This is because DSL connections are way more high-speed and there are zero to slight chances of signal interruptions.

On the contrary, CenturyLink DSL not working issue is pretty frustrating. So, let’s have a look at the troubleshooting methods!

How To Fix CenturyLink DSL Not Working?

1. Modem

While the DSL doesn’t work, you can try keeping the modem unplugged for two to five minutes. This will ensure that all the connections are cut off and the light goes off. After five minutes, switch on the modem and try connecting to the internet again. The reboot will resolve the loading or configuration issues, so why not try your luck?

2. Updates

When you are depending on the modem to transmit the internet signals through DSL, it must be working alright. For instance, the DSL might not be working because you are using the dated modem. In addition to the modem’s model, you need to update the modem firmware as well. That’s to say because if the firmware is not updated, even the latest modem will not offer DSL connectivity.

3. Cables

Modems and computers are always connected through cables while using the DSL connection. Likewise, if the cables are damaged or frayed, it will result in connectivity issues. First of all, check that the cables are properly connected to the modem. Also, if the cables are damaged, you must replace the cables with new ones.

4. Filter

While you are using the CenturyLink modem for accessing the DSL, the presence of a filter is essential. This is mandatory especially when you are using the landline for the home number. With this being said, this filter will slow down the DSL connection. Similarly, you are advised to remove the filter on the modem and it will speed up the DSL.

5. Wiring

If you are using the CenturyLink DSL in the older home infrastructure, there are chances of faulty home wiring. This is because ineffective or old home wiring will lead to internet connectivity issues. For this purpose, you can use the network interface of your home and it will help locate the wiring issues. So, just repair the wiring when possible.

6. Background Activities

In case the CenturyLink modem is working and there are background activities running in the background (the high-bandwidth internet), the DSL connection will not work. For instance, if some device is downloading the software update or app update, it will slow down the connection. So, check all the connected devices and switch off the background activities.

7. Browser

Truth be told, there are times when CenturyLink modem is not the culprit because the browser is not working at its best. With this being said, the users must update their browser to ensure it can connect to the DSL connection and work. Also, the browser update will directly influence the internet connection and functionality. So, if the browser update is available, download it and DSL will work alright. In addition, you can look for the device’s software update and download it if available!

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