CenturyLink Prism DVR Not Working: 4 Ways To Fix

centurylink prism dvr not working
centurylink prism dvr not working

Centurylink is simply one of the largest, oldest, and most authentic service providers out there offering a diverse range of services. These include Cable TV, Internet, Telephone and a lot more and you will be getting a solution for all your needs in a single place.

Centurylink has stopped offering the Prism DVR but they are out there at large since there are countless current subscribers using these amazing devices to get the best Cable TV services with HD picture quality and a lot more. If it stops working for you due to some reason, here is how you can fix it.

CenturyLink Prism DVR Not Working

1) Restart the box

It is not uncommon with the Centurylink Prism DVR to have some issues. In fact, a minor error or two can be expected on any of the DVR boxes that are being used out there in the industry. Hence, to get them fixed, you should simply be running a power cycle on the DVR.

Just turn it off once and then start it over after waiting for a minute. This is going to perfectly help you with getting rid of the problem most of the time and the DVR will not cause you to have any issues with the streaming.

2) Complete Reset

One thing that people might forget and ignore is that they need to reset all the set-top boxes and not only the main ones. This is something that you must always keep in mind and never neglect. So, once you have restarted the gateway, you will have to restart all the set-top boxes.

You already know that there is one set-top box connected with each TV that you might have. To reset them all, you will have to click on the power button and keep it pressed for 5 seconds. After the boxes are turned off, turn them on again using the same power button and that will help you reset them up properly.

3) Check the Cables

Another thing that you will need to check on is the cables and you have to make sure that they are not damaged at any point. Simply ensure that they look alright without messing them up as you can end up doing something that you don’t want and cause you some more issues than you are already facing.

Disconnect all the connectors and cables and then connect them again to ensure that they are not hanging loose. That is going to help you out of this situation and make the DVR work without any problems.

4) Contact Centurylink

While they have stopped offering the Prism DVRs now, the support has not been discontinued for these boxes and they are still helping their consumers with their issues. Just give them a call and state your situation to them. Centurylink will be able to help you out perfectly with the problem and you will not have to face any sort of issues with the Prism DVR box again once they diagnose and fix it up properly.

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