9 Ways To Fix Canary Camera Slow Internet Issue

canary camera slow internet
canary camera slow internet

Canary Camera is a suitable choice for everyone who needs better security. This is because it helps keep an eye on the external surrounding or even indoors. On the contrary, Canary Camera slow internet can be frustrating because it can disturb the connection. With this article, we are sharing the troubleshooting methods that will resolve slow internet with Canary Camera!

Canary Camera Slow Internet

1) Compression Format

When you are using the Canary Camera, you need to ensure that you are using the correct compression format. For people who need to fix the slow internet issue, you can opt for the compression format H.264. This is important because it reduces the storage space amount. Consequently, it will ensure that the internet data is saved and the connection will be streamlined.

2) Resolution

In case you want to ensure that the Canary Camera doesn’t struggle with the slow internet, you will need to consider the resolution. We suggest that you choose the minimum camera resolution available for the camera. Choosing the low resolution will take off the burden from the internet network, hence better speed. However, keep in mind that low resolution will impact the picture quality but it will be fine if you need to inspect a short span of area.

3) 0FPS Count

To begin with, it’s obvious that the frames per second will enhance the quality of the image. However, it also impacts network connectivity. You could try reading the Canary Camera instruction manual and look for the FPS count details. In case you have to install the camera indoors, setting 15 frames per second will be optimal; it improves the picture quality and network connectivity as well. In case of outside surveillance, you will need to consult the manual.

4) Private Network

If the already mentioned troubleshooting methods didn’t speed up the internet connection with Canary Camera, we suggest that you opt for the private network. In simpler words, you will need to separate the camera from the network connection. For this purpose, you will need to use two routers for pulling traffic out of the primary router. Consequently, it ensures that other systems connect to the second internet router. All in all, it helps with the internet speed, so Canary Camera keeps functioning properly.

5) Connection & Power

In some cases, the slow internet issue might be because of the disconnection. With Canary Camera, the LED indicators will show if it’s transmitting the data or not. In case these LEDs are not lit up, you need to ensure that the camera has an external power connection. In addition, the slow internet connection usually incurs when the power connection is interrupted or have inappropriate wattage. So, when you ensure proper wattage, the slow internet issue will be resolved.

6) Ping

While you are using the Canary Camera, you could opt for a ping when there is a slow internet issue. For this purpose, you will need to outline the IP address of the camera and ping it. In this case, open the search engine on the computer and type in “cmd” and it will open the command prompt. When the command prompt pops up, type ping in the field along with the IP address of the camera. This will ping the camera and the internet connection will be streamlined.

7) Login Credentials

When you are unable to access the internet with Canary Camera or have a slow internet issue, you need to check the login credentials. With this being said, the users need to keep in mind that the camera must be connected to the network through the correct username and password of the network.

8) Firmware

Believe it or not, the firmware with Canary Camera will directly impact the connectivity. This is because the outdated firmware can impact the internet connection. That being said, you need to connect the Canary Camera with VMS and open the web page of the camera. It will show if the camera has a firmware update available. If the firmware update is available, just download it and internet connection issues will be resolved.

9) Reboot

For Canary Camera to work properly with the internet connection, you could try rebooting the router. When you reboot the router, it will refresh the internet signals, hence better internet speed. That being said, it’s better that you reboot the camera as well. When both devices switch on, the connection will be streamlined!

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