3 Ways To Fix YI Dome Camera Slow Internet Issue

yi dome camera slow internet
yi dome camera slow internet

YI is a brand that provides different types of cameras to its users for security purposes. One of the best cameras from them is their YI Dome Camera. You can purchase this device from the store or alternatively by visiting the official website of YI online. Aside from this, there is also the option for a number of other cameras that you can purchase. Although, the features that the YI Dome provides are amazing and most people go for it.

On top of being a Wi-Fi camera, the recording provided by it is of amazing quality. Aside from this, another great thing about this camera is that the camera covers a full 360-degree radius around it capturing almost everything within its range. While the camera is a great option to go for, there are still a number of problems that you might end up encountering with it. One of these is the YI Dome Camera slow internet.

YI Dome Camera Slow Internet

  1. Update Firmware

The most likely reason for you to be getting a slow internet connection is that you have not updated your firmware in some time. Running an older version of firmware makes your device susceptible to errors and bugs. This is why it is recommended that you keep your camera updated to the latest firmware. You should check for updates on a weekly basis to ensure that you are running the newest update.

To update the firmware on your YI camera, open up YI’s website online and then search for the updates. Download the latest version from there but make sure that it is for your own device and not for some other camera. After downloading the update, move the file onto a memory card. After you have successfully moved this device, insert it in your camera. If your device has been switched off then power it back on and a popup should appear on its screen.

This should indicate you and tell that a new firmware update is available for your device. Press the fourth button on your camera to start the downloading. The download should take some time so keep in mind that you do not switch off your device during this. After the update finishes, your camera should now start on its own and work without any problems. Additionally, make sure that you update the camera application for YI on your mobile phone as well.

  1. Change Internet Plan

The current internet connection that you might be using on your camera might be slow. This is a quite common problem because most cameras require a high-speed connection from their users. You can check the requirements for the camera by finding a manual in your camera’s box. It should tell you how much speed is required by it. In case you don’t have access to the manual then you can search online and find the required speeds by your camera model.

If the requirements here are higher than your current internet connection. Then this is most likely the reason why you are getting this error. It is advised that you get your internet package upgraded. This will make it so that you can get better internet speed and use your camera without any problem. Aside from that, some people might have internet providers that do not provide high-speed internet.

In this case, you can change your ISP to a different one. Select the company which provides the best internet bandwidth plans. Additionally, make sure that you select a package that is better than the required internet speed. This should help you in getting a stable connection to the camera even when your internet is under heavy load.

  1. Disconnect Other Devices from Connection

There might be a lot of people living with you at your home that use the same connection. These might be your friends or family. You should keep in mind that when your internet connection is being used by a lot of people then the speed on it will start to drop. To fix this problem, you can disconnect any excessive devices that are connected to the same internet connection as your camera. Additionally, make sure that no one is download or streaming from the same connection.

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