Can I Use Orbi With Existing Router?

can i use orbi with existing router
can i use orbi with existing router

Can I Use Orbi With Existing Router?

Orbi is the flagship network solution that is essentially not only a router, but a whole house Wi-Fi system that is being offered by NETGEAR.

Orbi is not only good on the outside, and aesthetics, but it has the right hardware on it as well that will be making your whole experience a lot better and you will be enjoying the perks of faster communication on your network along with the best area coverage across the home and right signal strength as well.

That is why, you would like to use Orbi with other Routers as well, and here are a few things that you might need to know about it.

Check with your ISP

Most of the ISPs these days are providing you with their own networking equipment as well. This restricts you from using your own hardware or to upgrade the router. Yet, there is a catch and you might need to consider this as an opportunity.

Some of the ISPs might not allow you to use some other router, others will allow you to use your own router. Similarly, you will need to confirm it with the ISP if you are able to use the Orbi with your existing router that might be provided to you by the ISP you are subscribed to for the internet coverage.

Orbi Capability

Yes, all of the Orbi routers are capable of being used with the other routers and to amplify the processing power and the geographical coverage. No matter, you are using the router from your ISP that supports being connected with other routers, or there is some other router that you have from the Market. You can use Orbi routers with them without having any issues or problems at all and you just need to know how to set it up.

How to Set it Up?

All the Orbi routers come with the AP mode option that is also called Access Point Mode. This mode is used when you are trying to connect your Orbi router with some other router and don’t want to use the basic router features on your Orbi router. It works similar to a Wi-Fi booster or extender, but with much more feasibility and performance perks as you will be enjoying the edge of processing power on the Orbi routers as well.

You just have to make sure that you are setting your Orbi Router in the Access Point Mode and after that you will only need to connect it with the existing router that you have set up already. You will need to be mindful about the AP mode, that it will restrict the basic router features on the Orbi router such as security features or SSID of its own.

You will also not be able to use the additional features such as IPv6 or any other thing such as Firewall or security on the Orbi router. The parental controls will be disabled as well, because the primary router that you are using will be in control.

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