How To Tell If Orbi Satellite Is Connected?

how to tell if orbi satellite is connected
how to tell if orbi satellite is connected

Orbi routers and satellites have become the prime choices for people who need a high-end network connection. However, it needs a proper connection and setup for streamlining the performance. So, if you are considering how to tell if the Satellite is connected, we have the information for you in this article!

How To Tell If Orbi Satellite Is Connected?

If you want to check if the Satellite is connected to the Orbi router, the ring LED f the satellite should be pulsing white. After white pulsing, if the light gets solid blue, it means that the Satellite has a good connection. However, the satellite ring remains solid blue for up to 180 seconds; only then can you say that it has a good connection.

On the other hand, if the satellite ring has a solid amber color for up to 180 seconds, it means that the connection between the Satellite and router is fair. If the Satellite is flashing magenta color in LED, the satellite must be trying to connect to the router. To summarize, if the ring light of the Satellite has a solid blue or amber color, the satellite and router are connected.

Connecting The Satellite With Orbi Router

If the Satellite is unable to connect to Orbi router, and you need to create the connection, we have the instructions for you in the section below, such as;

  • The first step is to place the satellite in close proximity to Orbi router (both devices should be in close contact with each other)
  • The second step is to switch on the Satellite by connecting it to the power source and switch on the power button (Satellite also has a power button on the back, so don’t forget to switch it on as well)
  • When the Satellite switches on, wait for the LED light to turn to light white color. If the LED light is pulsing white color, the satellite is booting, while solid white color means that satellite has booted and can be connected to router
  • Then, navigate the sync button on the backside of the Satellite and press it. After pressing the sync button on Satellite, press the sync button on Orbi router as well (press the router’s sync button within two minutes of pressing the satellite’s sync button)
  • Once you press the buttons, you need to wait for a few seconds for the Satellite and router to connect with each other. In particular, this connection can take up to six minutes for establishing a proper connection.
  • After six minutes, if the light turns blue, network connection is successful (it’s fair). In case the light has an amber color, it means that network connection is fair, and you should try moving the satellite and router closer to each other. On the contrary, magenta color means that the connection has failed, and you should attempt to connect them again

Things To Consider

When the Satellite and router are connected, you can place the satellite outdoors and switch it on. However, the satellite must be placed in the shade because the overheated satellite will have connectivity issues.

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