Can Orbi Router Be Used As Satellite?

can orbi router be used as satellite
can orbi router be used as satellite

Netgear is a multinational company that is originally from California. Although, they have now established offices in other countries as well. Their products are now being sold all over the world and are amazing in performance. These have been equipped with many features that make them even better. You can check all the specifications for these from the main website of the company.

They have a different lineup of products available that you can buy. These include routers, modems as well as satellites. The process to set these all up is also really simple. If you are still having any trouble then it is recommended that you go through the manual. This should provide you with step-by-step information that makes the process easy.

Can Orbi Router Be Used as Satellite?

The Orbi satellites are used to increase the Wi-Fi coverage for the users and are enough to provide a connection all over your house. The routers do the same thing but the main difference between them is that the satellites can even catch on signals. They also have a much larger range than you can catch on to and are better if you have a larger home.

Many users have been asking ‘Can Orbi router be used as satellite’.  The short answer for this is ‘no’. The router is designed to only extend the range of signals coming from your connection for the users. This will allow you to use the connection at a much further distance but there is no way to catch on signals using the satellite features. The only way to access them is by purchasing the Orbi satellites provided by Netgear.

What Can You Do to Extend Connection?

While the routers have completely different functionality than the satellites. There is one option for the users that they can configure instead. It is important to note that your network will not work in the same fashion as it would when using satellites. But you can get a similar network connection from the routers through the AP settings.

These can be accessed by opening up the interface for your device. The AP or also known as Independent Access Point can allow you to configure several networks that will extend the range from your modem. These will have different names but the connection should spread out through your house. You can then install and position your routers in such a way that the signals are all evenly spread out.

If you are having any troubles with this then note that there is no issue with moving around the routers. You can easily switch their points and see which ones work out the best for you. While setting up the device keep in mind that you name all your AP with different names.

This helps the user in identifying the networks from each other easily. Lastly, once the feature has been enabled, you will be unable to use the parental controls on your router. You can select a specific device to use this feature and disable the AP on it if needed.

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