Can An Ethernet Switch Be Plugged Into a NetGear Orbi?

can an ethernet switch be plugged into a netgear orbi
can an ethernet switch be plugged into a netgear orbi

NetGear is the go-to brand for you if you are looking for the right networking equipment that is going to help you out with the needs you might be having.

Not only you get the best and fastest possible hardware, but they are pretty great with their software and firmware for these routers as well and that is how you are going to make it work for getting the fastest and most stable network that you can get.

Their hardware is also pretty durable and efficient and you are not going to face any problems with it either. If you are looking to connect an ethernet switch to the NetGear Orbi, here are a few things that you will need to know.

NetGear Orbi

NetGear Orbi is not simply another modem or router model that you can get from NetGear, but there is a lot more to it as well that you get. NetGear Orbi is the best thing as it is a whole home networking setup that comes with routers and satellites that will work together in unison to make your networking experience strong and fast.

When you are referring to Orbi, it can be either a single router that you are using, or the whole home mesh system from NetGear Orbi and that would be the best thing you can get and there are not many devices that you will need to connect on it either.

Ethernet Switch

An ethernet switch is the networking device that takes input from one of your routers and it has several output ethernet ports on it as well that allow you to connect multiple devices with the network using the ethernet ports on them. It is pretty common and you can get these switches easily in the market. All you need to do is get a compatible switch and the right ethernet cable to get it sorted out.

Can An Ethernet Switch Be Plugged Into a NetGear Orbi?

Yes, you can connect an ethernet switch to your Orbi Network as it is supported by Orbi and there is not much hassle that you will have to deal with it. There are no configuration settings either that you will have to worry about and the DHCP on Orbi network will be able to handle all the settings for you and you will easily be able to manage the network.

How to do it?

Now, coming to the point how you will be able to do it and that is pretty simple as well. All you will need to do is make sure that you are getting a compatible switch and then simply connect the input port of the Switch to an output port that you get on the Orbi Router or the Satellite.

After that, you don’t have to do much at all and you can connect all the devices through an ethernet cable with your network using that switch. This is simply like plug n play if the switch you are getting supports that.

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