New Netgear Router No Internet: 4 Ways To Fix

new netgear router no internet
new netgear router no internet

NetGear routers are the best you can get your hands on. They got the best combination of industry-leading hardware with cutting-edge firmware and that allows you to have an enhanced experience with all the networking needs that you might have.

Not only NetGear routers are extremely fast, and stable but they are highly durable as well and that is how you know that it is worth each penny that you are paying for them. NetGear routers are pretty easy to setup as well and you don’t have to worry much while dealing with that.

However, if you are not getting any internet on a new NetGear router, here are a few things that you will need to do.

New NetGear Router No Internet

1) Check Coverage

The first thing that you will need to check on is the internet coverage as there are chances that you might be facing some outages and that is not an easy task to deal with. That is why, you will have to make sure that you are getting the right internet coverage from the ISP as well.

The best way to get it sorted out is to ensure that you are plugging in the ethernet cable from the ISP into an ethernet-equipped laptop or PC and that will help you figure out if you are getting the right coverage on your internet connection.

2) Connect it in the right port

It goes without saying that if your ISP coverage is fine, you will need to sort it out on the router and you need to know that there are 5 ports usually on the NetGear routers for Ethernet. One of them is for the input and the other four are connecting output devices via Ethernet.

So, you will need to ensure that you are plugging it in the right ethernet port and that your router is also getting the right power. That will certainly be helping you out in making sure that you can solve the no internet problem on your new NetGear router.

3) Reset the Router

Another thing that you can possibly try out if you are having some sort of trouble with the NetGear router not having internet access is the settings and the best way would be to reset the router once before you get it setup.

All you will need to do is locate the small reset button and keep it pressed for 15 seconds while you have the router connected to the power. That will perfectly help you out and you will not have to face any further problems with your router again.

4) Check APN settings

There is another thing that you will need to set up and that is Access Point Network, it is basically the credentials your ISP needs for you to access the resources and you will need to contact your ISP in order to get you assistance in order to set it up. They will guide you with it and after that, you can access the network and internet without having any further problems.

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