Xfinity Stream Not Working On Chrome: 7 Ways To Fix

xfinity stream not working on chrome
xfinity stream not working on chrome

Xfinity is one of the most used services out there, and people have been attracted to Xfinity Stream for a long time. But the users have been struggling with the Xfinity Stream issue because Chromecast wasn’t supporting it. However, they are now rolling Chromecast support. The support is already available on the live, but the Android app is being launched in the beta version.

With this new feature, the Xfinity Stream is even working on live TV. According to the details, Xfinity Stream will work with Android and Apple devices, along with Google Home Hub. However, the beta version is not available for everyone. In this case, people can always work on the following troubleshooting tips that we have mentioned in the article below!

Xfinity Stream Not Working On Chrome

1) Chrome Version

Some people have been using Chrome on Windows 10 perfectly, but Xfinity Stream isn’t working at all. In this case, there are chances that your browser isn’t supporting the service. So, you can try using Microsoft Edge. In addition, if you don’t want to give up on Chrome, you can try using incognito mode on Chrome for better streaming. You can try using the Firefox browser because it has been streaming the content on Xfinity.

2) Clear Cache

When your browser isn’t full of cache and junk, the Xfinity Stream will work properly. Similarly, if there is a higher cache value in browsers, you need to remove and clear the cache and junk files. This will ensure that you can make the device performance efficient. On the other hand, this will amplify the performance and connectivity will be streamlined.

3) Wi-Fi Or Ethernet?

For everyone dealing with insufficient connectivity with Xfinity Stream on Chrome, there are high chances that there are internet issues. For instance, these platforms work with Ethernet optimally as there are no interruptions in the internet signals, while the Wi-Fi connection shows connection and signal interruptions.

4) Restart

This is one of the most used troubleshooting methods of getting things on track. So, it is advised to exit the Chrome browser and Xfinity Stream as well. In the same vein, you need to switch off the PC as well and restart it to reopen the Chrome browser and try using the Xfinity Stream again.

5) Reset The Settings

There are chances that your browser is undergoing automatic changes that can play with the browser settings as well. In this case, it is advised to reset the browser’s settings to its default and factory settings. In addition, you need to ensure that the Xfinity Stream plug-in is properly installed and loading optimally.

6) Cookies & JavaScript

If the Chrome browser isn’t supporting the Xfinity Stream, you need to think about the cookies and JavaScript. It is needless to say that JavaScript is essential for making Xfinity Stream work and enable the cookies as well. Once both the settings are enabled, the Xfinity Stream is highly likely to work.

7) Devices

There are rare chances that you will see a positive experience on another device, but it worth a shot. In this case, it is advised to use some other device’s Chrome browser and log in to Xfinity Stream through your credentials. So, if Xfinity Stream works on other devices, your device is the issue!

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