5 Ways To Deal With BGW320 Blinking Red Light

bgw320 blinking red light
bgw320 blinking red light

AT&T, the telecommunications provider that sits amongst the top three carriers in the U.S., right next to Verizon and T-Mobile, has consolidated its place in the business. With an enormous number of solutions, services and products, the company has around 202 million subscribers, including homes and businesses.

Delivering affordable packages for smaller pockets and big bundles for corporation purposes, AT&T aims at even higher positions in the telecom market. Their high data caps and high, or even ultra-high-speed connections, together with their outstanding coverage make them stand out from the crowd.

For gamers, streamers, businesspeople, digital influencers and whatever else, there will be a suitable plan that meets all needs. On a family level, AT&T delivers both bundles for home internet, telephony and television solutions at affordable prices.

There are also highly effective control tools that give users a more user-friendly way to handle the usage of their data allowance. Their most recent service, 5G internet, already reaches over 14,000 cities and towns all across the United States, delivering ultra-high-speed internet connection to their customers.

AT&T also works with third-party companies in delivering more tailored services and products to specific areas. As is the case of the partnership with their Fusion IP broadband, which runs through the Arris BGW320 router-ONT combo.

The gigabit fiber internet packages delivered throughout the country, offers 5G connectivity and a more practical equipment, following AT&T’s most recent ‘uncomplicating wireless’ motto.

Even with all the excellent quality AT&T’s products and services can offer, they are not free from issues. As it has been reported in many online forums and Q&A communities all over the internet, users are facing an issue that is hindering the performance of the BGW320 router.

According to the reports, the issue causes a red light to blink on the frontal display and the internet connection to break down. As more and more users look for both an explanation and a solution to this problem, we brought you today a list of five easy fixes for the red-light issue with BGW320 router.

Should you find yourself amongst those users, bear with us as we guide you through these easy fixes any user can attempt without causing any harm to the equipment. So, without further ado, here is what you can attempt to get rid of the red-light issue with your BGW320 router.

How To Solve The Red-Light Issue With BGW320 Router?

First of all, let’s understand what the red-light issue is and what sorts of problems can arise from it. As the router is the component that links the worldwide web with your home or business ethernet, the odds the issue will affect the internet connection are extremely high.

Surely, an electricity problem would affect your internet connection, as the router would not be able to work, and the signal would not be distributed to the connected devices. Luckily, as many users have already reported, the red-light issue affects only the internet signal streamlining.

In fact, the red-light is not even the issue, rather than the system indicator that there is something preventing the internet signal from reaching the router.

Therefore, the causes could range from a simple outage due to a quick maintenance procedure to the malfunctioning of a carrier server or satellite. As our focus is on how to fix the issue, let us not waste any longer speculating on the possible causes and jump into the five easy fixes for the issue.

  1. Give The Router A Restart

Give The Router A Restart

The first and most practical fix is to give the router a restart. As is has already been identified, the restarting procedure performs a series of checks for possible errors and, if any are found, the system should apply all possible solutions.

Also, the restarting procedure clears the cache from unnecessary temporary files that might be overfilling the memory and causing the device to work slower than it should.

Finally, once it is successfully completed, the router is able to resume its activity from a fresh starting point, in which minor configuration and compatibility problems should have already been fixed.

Even though this procedure is not regarded as an effective troubleshoot by many experts, it actually consists of a series of checks and solutions, all happening automatically in the background.

So, go ahead and reboot your BGW320 router and let it work its way through the protocols. But forget about reset buttons on the back of the device. Instead, grab the power cord and unplug it from the power outlet.

Then give it a few minutes before plugging it back again. Bear in mind that, for a total repair of the system, the cables that connect to other devices should also be removed. That way you are ensuring the connection will be re-established after this check is completed.

  1. Check The Position Of Your Router

Check The Position Of Your Router

As it has been reported, some users were experiencing the red-light issue due to a mispositioning of the router.

Even though everyone seems to understand how important is for routers to be set up nearby its connected devices, most people do not realise their homes or offices might have obstacles that affect the internet signal.

Therefore, look out for heavy metal plaques, sharp turns in the cables, or anything else that could constitute a hindrance for the distribution of the signal.

Additionally, by keeping the router nearby its connected devices, you will be giving it a better chance of properly delivering the internet signal. Should the signal be strong enough, the red-light issue will not pop up anymore.

  1. Check The Condition Of All The Cables

Check The Condition Of All The Cables

The internet signal is not the only vital element for the functioning of a router. Cables play a key role in the distribution of the signal as well. So, you might want to take a look to inspect their condition.

Should you identify any sort of damage to any of them, have them replaced. Cables such as these are not usually worth repairing and could lead to an even worse signal transmission rate if repaired by a non-professional.

Also, look out for bends, as they could be an indicator of damage to the cables. Finally, take the time to check the power cables as well.

Remember to unplug the power cord before disconnecting any internet or ethernet cables, as the system will be restarted, and all the configurations will be troubleshot after the damaged cable is replaced.

This could lead the connection to be faster and more stable, so go ahead and let it go through the rebooting procedure with the new cables.

  1. There Might Be An Internet Outage

There Might Be An Internet Outage

ISPs, or Internet Service Providers, often perform maintenance on their equipment in the attempt to deliver a higher quality service. This could as well be the reason why your BGW320 router is not performing at its usual best.

Also, there is always the chance some equipment or software from the other end of the connection can experience some sort of problem that prevents the signal from reaching your router.

So, keep an eye for possible outages through the ISP’s official website or via their social media profiles, which is also an effective communications channel.

Most carriers have an automatic push service that delivers messages to customers’ email inboxes, informing them of possible problems and, whenever possible, the estimated time of repair.

  1. Get A New Router

Get A New Router

Should you attempt all the four fixes above and still experience the red-light issue with your BGW320 router, you might want to think about replacing it with a new one.

Since this is the most troublesome fix, as not everyone is tech-savvy enough to identify possible damage to the hardware, we strongly suggest you make your way to the nearest shop and get a new one.

For a number of reasons, routers might suffer some sort of damage and, because it is not always easy to identify such damage, most users tend to check their whole internet setup before testing the hardware. This is mainly because we lack the tools to do so.

Therefore, bring it to an official representative or shop and have them replace it with a new one. Once you get a new router, and after you performed all the fixes on this list, the odds the red-light issue will be gone are extremely high.

The Last Word

On a final note, should you come across any other easy fixes that could help your fellow readers, make sure to let us know. Leave a message on the comments section and lend a hand to those who are struggling with the red-light issue on their BGW320 routers.

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