Axcient vs Datto- Which To Pick?

axcient vs datto
axcient vs datto

In the past few years, the utilization of cloud platforms has increased because they are easier to deploy and make data management extremely convenient for organizations. In addition, the cloud solutions make it easy for the users to create the data backup and optimize the restoration process. So, if you want to choose one, we are sharing information about Axcient and Datto because these two are the most popular choices!

Axcient vs Datto


Datto has been around since 2007 and has managed to acquire around 17,000 different MSP partners. However, the sustained growth of the company is the reason it became public in 2020. There is a SIRIS platform available that provides the hybrid cloud technology, which stores the files and data locally in the fastest manner. The SIRIS architecture offers a full-range data protection solution that offers backup solutions and data recovery. The SIRIS can be managed and administered through a multi-tenant and highly secure cloud portal.

Datto also has an inverse chain technology that offers image-based backups, making it an apt substitute for the conventional backup solution. The inverse chain technology promises the fastest data restoration and improves reliability. For instance, whenever the image-based backup incurs, the changes are copied on the device and cloud, which helps create an updated image. The best thing about Datto’s inverse chain technology is that it automates the backups after every five minutes.

There are various security features available and there are end-to-end encryption features available that help protects the data during transit. In addition, there is two-factor authentication available, which means sign-in and verification are essential if someone wants to access the portal, preventing chances of unauthorized access. Even more, the images are backed up according to ZFS technology, which means they cannot be corrupted through ransomware.

As far as ransomware defense is concerned, there is built-in protection available. Whenever a new backup file is created, it will look for potential infections and the users will be notified. Ransomware detection has policy-centric patch management to secure the network devices and can terminate the ransomware. On top of everything, Datto utilizes its patented technology to boot the backed-up system. The cloud deletion defense allows the users to regain access to deleted images. Lastly, there is a BMR technology that helps perform the bare metal restores.


This is a private company that was first founded in the year 2006 but the company merged with Efolder back in 2017, which is when they started to offer file sharing, syncing, and backup solutions. The company launched the x360 platform back in 2019, with which the users can access the security and RPO features. Axcient offers image-based and chain-free backup solutions – it means that the server images are captured after every few minutes, including the configurations, operating system, data, and apps.

In addition, the chain-free technology means that the data will be stored in the native state and has a pointer-array algorithm, which makes the recovery process independent. The best thing about Axcient is that it offers backup and restoration solutions without using local appliances as it has direct-to-cloud technology. The direct-to-cloud technology means that the backed-up data is transmitted to the secure cloud, which also creates an instant recovery channel.

There is an AutoVerify feature available that helps validate the recoverability of the backups and detects common errors, such as malware, and improper Windows updates and eliminates the chances of corrupt and incomplete backups. In addition, there is AirGap that protects and saves the images of data, so it can be recovered in case of accidental deletion or malware attacks. It has the capacity to separate the data deletion requests.

Axcient has been integrated with the Virtual Office feature that allows the system virtualization to replace the production infrastructure. Moreover, the data is encrypted during the transit process to adhere to compliance requirements. The D2C feature is available for Microsoft Azure, which helps virtualize the Azure backups with the help of chain-free backup. On top of everything, there is a cloud-to-cloud backup option available with unlimited data retention and storage.

The bottom line is that both Axcient and Datto offer exceptional services and Datto has a better track record of providing integrated solutions and flexibility.

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