AT&T Fixed Wireless: Is It Good For Gaming ?

at&t fixed wireless gaming
at&t fixed wireless gaming

Gaming and internet go hand-in-hand because one needs a robust and fast internet connection if they need to have a seamless gaming experience. With this notion, people have been choosing the AT&T network for a robust internet connection in the wireless medium. AT&T has come up with fixed wireless that’s designed to provide 30MB internet speed on a per-second basis.

In addition, the download speed is better, and the upload speed is 17MB or more. When it comes down to the performance and uptime, the service and connection have been pretty consistent. For all the people who don’t trust or have access to the fiber optics, AT&T fixed wireless is an apt choice for the gamers.

AT&T Fixed Wireless

Many people have been confusing the fixed wireless with portable internet devices or hotspot devices, but that isn’t the case. This is because fixed wireless comes with the outdoor antenna and the router to ensure a fast internet connection, even if you are residing in the rural areas. This happens to be the best choice since gamers need robust internet connectivity.

AT&T Fixed Wireless For Gaming

AT&T fixed wireless has become an apt choice for gamers and personal usage because it offers just-right internet sped for both. For instance, people can connect their smartphones and laptops for browsing, downloading, and uploading. In addition to gaming, the developers and programmers need a fast internet connection as well, and fixed wireless has been able to provide such fast internet.

Installation of AT&T Fixed Wireless

Whenever you sign up for the AT&T fixed wireless, you will receive a professional and certified installer at the location. However, one needs to install an external antenna on the roof and is positioned in a way to ensure the best possible signal strength. This means that you get direct signals from the satellite. In addition, the ethernet cable infrastructure is designed all around the home and router.

So, the installer will take care of this installation, even the wiring down on the wall. Also, they will cover the wires and drilled holes to optimize the clean infrastructure (well, you shouldn’t mind some wires if you are a gamer!). Once the installation is complete, the installer will run the diagnostics to ensure that you are getting the best possible results.


The prime reason that gamers opt for AT&T fixed wireless is that they want a fast internet connection. So, according to the speed tests, the download speed was around 39MB per second, while the upload speed was limited to 20MB per second. If you live in rural areas, this internet speed is pretty good and will ensure zero barriers in gaming.

The best thing about fixed wireless is that data consistency is pretty significant. This is because the purple and blue lines on the speed test will be top-notch, and they will level up constantly. Contrary to other wireless connections, the AT&T fixed wireless promises perfect upload and download speed to ensure there are no sudden downfalls in the internet connection. Even if you test the internet speed on mobile, laptops, and gaming consoles, it will portray consistent internet connection.

Multiple Device Connections

Other wireless connections will always hit the bottleneck if someone is watching Netflix, YouTube, playing games, and learning to code at one time. However, AT&T fixed wireless ensures that there is no bottleneck.

Data Caps And Penalties

To this point, AT&T fixed wireless has been all rainbows, but there are always some issues like data caps and penalties. So, when you sign up for the fixed wireless, you will get the 215GB monthly data cap, which is pretty generous if you ask us. However, the data cap isn’t suitable enough for gamers because online games consume higher internet. In the same vein, once you exceed the data cap, you will get the penalties. The AT&T fixed wireless charges $10 for 50GB of data once you exceed the data cap. The penalties aren’t too harsh, either!


AT&T fixed wireless costs around $60 for the monthly data of 430GB. This data is enough for the majority of the users, but again, if the data cap is exceeded, the penalties will add up, and the bill will increase as well.

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