What is AT&T Fixed Wireless Antenna?

att fixed wireless antenna
att fixed wireless antenna

Having a reliable, fast, and steady internet connection in urban areas is no hard task at all. With the boom of technology, there is a high competition going around in the market that allows you to enjoy super cool deals and you have tons of options at your hand. You can get dedicated fiber-optic lines from any of the service providers as they got portals all around you and you don’t have to worry about having slow speed or pay hefty amounts either.

The scenario is not the same for rural or farm owners in remote areas as there are no wires, cables, or internet portals in close proximity, and having a wired internet connection is not a possibility for them. Satellite internet was the only option for such people in the past but not to mention the whopping costs for getting a satellite internet connection, the infrastructure and equipment required for it was not affordable and to top it all, there are low data caps and bandwidth limits on that making it a no-go for residential users. The problem is being solved by AT&T fixed Wireless Antenna that is a viable solution for rural and remote area residents offering the perfect solution.

What is AT&T Fixed Wireless Antenna?

AT&T Fixed Wireless Internet is a hybrid internet connection that does not require a wired connection from the internet portal to your home. Instead, it uses an antenna that is mounted on the top of your roof to capture the signals from AT&T cellular towers to get you connected to the internet. For all the people out there, who are not able to get a wired internet connection to their place, but have cellular reception in their area, this is the perfect solution to have the internet.

How Does it work?

AT&T fixed antenna on your roof works as a receptor that communicates with the AT&T cellular tower. It uses the frequency exactly like your mobile but as you might expect it is the internet, you need bigger equipment than your mobile phone. The antenna is connected to a wireless router inside your home through a cable that will enable you to use the internet around your house with convenience on as many devices as you want to. You can call it a mobile internet service, but it works smoothly like broadband and is pretty reliable.

To understand the service better, let’s have a look at top features of AT&T Wireless Internet that most people would care about:

1. Installation

The installation is totally free and would do no damage to your infrastructure. You can rest assured at that part that it is one of the best installations of internet equipment you can get. Once you sign up for the service, AT&T will send you a professional installer who will mount the antenna on your rooftop and connect it to the WiFi router inside your house. The installer will set it up for you and you will be left with a working internet connection without creating any mess at your place.

2. Speed

Speed is not like a Fiber-optic connection you can get from AT&T or any other ISP in the US but it has fairly reasonable speeds for a wireless internet that is not satellite. You can trust it that it will get you through the day with regular work, social media scrolling, gaming, or streaming your favorite shows over Netflix or any other online streaming service. Even if you are using multiple devices in your home, AT&T wireless internet is the perfect choice for you to have at your home.

3. Pricing

Pricing is slightly higher than the regular wired internet but it is worth the service. You get a sustainable and stable internet service with fair speed and not making much mess at a reasonable price. If you ask me honestly, the price is justified for the level of service they are providing.

4. Stability

As it is a wireless connection relying on cellular towers, there are sometimes reception issues depending on whether or some other conditions but the internet bears fairly at an average and even those disturbances are not over a few minutes. Your internet on AT&T wireless connection has a stable speed round the clock.

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