6 Steps To Troubleshoot Sceptre Smart TV Slow Internet

sceptre smart tv slow internet
sceptre smart tv slow internet

Turning your Big HDTV Screen into a Smart streaming device is a hell lot of fun. Sceptre Smart TV has been sufficient in giving its users the best streaming services powered with HDTV screens. All these features come with incredibly affordable prices. However, facing speed issues with constant buffering can be the biggest buzzkill for many streaming users. Why? You might have spent all of your savings to purchase a Smart TV that in return is giving you a headache.

Wait a minute? Is it the device or the internet connection that is ruining things for you? Although, that is quite hard to answer. Sometimes it can be your damaged or faulty TV or sometimes it simply is your internet speeds.

Don’t worry, we have you covered. As the issues with speeds are different for different users. It gets too hard to cope with continuous slowdowns when all you want is seamless streaming. In this article, we are enlisting all the troubleshooting steps that are going to help you cope with slow internet speeds. Whether the problem lies with your Sceptre Smart TV or your internet connection; we got you.

Sceptre Smart TV:

Sceptre Smart TV devices have been designed to turn your big HDTVs into Smart ones. The coolest features of Sceptre TV involve the trendy touch sensor for adjusting volumes along with the auto-dimming LED giant screen. other main features of this TV device include a built-in subwoofer facilitated with the Android interface.

Moreover, a Wi-Fi connection enables your ordinary big-screened TV to be a smart TV. Other than that, the plug and play technology is responsible to enable millions of consumers to have downright access to movies, fun apps, music, and a huge number of games.

Unluckily, due to several speed issues, the consumers of Sceptre Smart TV are not getting enough of their Smart TV. The following troubleshooting steps are highly effective to bring back your streaming speed to normal in a matter of moments.

How To Troubleshoot Sceptre Smart TV Slow Internet:

Sceptre TV’s slow loading speeds are the worst to experience. By applying these troubleshooting solutions, you can stay one step ahead of constant buffering issues:

  1. Run An Internet Speed Test:

The most cautious step towards the fast speed is testing it before you can do something else to cure it. Navigate to speed.net via your remote control. Quickly run a speed test.

The results will show you if you have the same internet speed that you opted for. Coordinate them. If they are not matched, contact your ISP. However, if they do, proceed to further steps.

  1. Have A Proper Check On Network Range:

Sometimes we do not realize it but the actual problem lies with the prolonged distance between your Smart TV and your Wi-Fi router. Due to heavy distance, the signals do not seem to travel smoothly to your device which in turn gives you slow uploading speed.

Make sure to keep your router and Smart TV in close contact. This is by far the most reliable solution. Many users have confirmed that relocating their devices positions helped them.

  1. Reset Your Router:

Resetting means rebooting devices to give them a fresh start. Unplug your router and wait for few minutes. Plug your router back. Wait till the LED lights of modem turn solid. Resetting would eventually give you improved streaming speeds.

  1. Power Reset Your Smart TV:

Unplug your Smart TV once out of the switch. Plug it back. Doing this might improve your streaming speeds with various websites.

  1. Avoid Interference:

Try to keep your Wi-Fi router away from the concrete surfaces that can potentially weaken your Wi-Fi signals. Keep it at a higher position. The signals will reach your Smart TV effectively.

  1. Switch To Ethernet Connection:

Many people don’t consider it but it is one of the long term solutions. Switch your Smart TV directly via Ethernet cable. You are going to get high streaming speeds.


We understand that experiencing unexpected slowdowns in the streaming speeds can be super annoying. Especially, with your newly bought Smart TV, your mental condition can go worse.

The above-mentioned ways are super helpful for you to enjoy unlimited Sceptre Smart TV streaming with improved speeds.

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