4 Ways To Fix Arris TM822 DS Light Blinking

arris tm822 ds light blinking
arris tm822 ds light blinking

Arris TM822 is a reliable Internet modem that features 8×4 channel bonding and is widely used by many Internet users. This modem has several indicative lights on top including those for power, downstream connectivity, upstream connectivity, online status, link, telephone, and battery. Having solid green light for downstream, upstream, and link indicates that the modem is connected to the Internet and is receiving good speed.

Having a solid yellow light for downstream, upstream, and link indicates that the modem is connected to the internet and is receiving just about medium speed. If the downstream, upstream, or the link lights keep on blinking, it indicates that the modem is unable to connect to the Internet. If you are seeing a blinking light on the Arris TM 822, here are a few things that you can do to troubleshoot the issue.

Arris TM822 DS Light Blinking?

  • Turn of the Modem and Restart

If you are seeing a blinking light on the link, downstream, or upstream LED indicators, the first thing you can try to resolve the issue is to turn off the modem and then turn it back on after a few seconds. Sometimes, restarting the modem gets rid of the old connection and establishes a new link to the service provider. So restart your modem and check to see if the lights are stable now.

  • Check the Wiring

Carefully check all the connection wires coming to the modem. Make sure that they are properly connected to the modem and are plugged into a socket for the Internet. If there is a lose connection or a damaged wire, it can disrupt the Internet services resulting in a continuously blinking light for Link. If there is a loose connection or a damaged cable, replace it and then try reconnecting the modem. Check to see if the issue is resolved.

  • Factory Reset the Modem

There is a possibility that something may be wrong with the settings of the modem. In such a situation you will need to factory reset the modem. Factory resetting the modem will get rid of the stored settings including any customized settings. You can factory reset the modem by using a pointed non-metallic object to press the recessed button located on the backside of the modem

  • Contact Your Service Provider

If you have tried all the things mentioned above and still you are seeing a blinking light on the link indicator, there is a possibility that you are not receiving the Internet from your service provider. In such a situation, it is probably best to contact the service provider’s customer support helpline. Let them know of the issue that you are facing. They will either help you get rid of the issue by telling you how you can do the proper settings for the modem or they will ensure the issue is resolved from their end. In some rare cases, they may send a technician to check the problem and fix it for you.

Just in case the problem is not resolved even after doing all the things mentioned above, there is a possibility that the modem may have malfunctioned. If this is the case then changing your modem may be the only solution.

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