3 Solutions For Amazon Fire Stick Reboot Loop

amazon fire stick reboot loop
amazon fire stick reboot loop


Who on the face of the earth does not want to own an Amazon Fire Stick? It is something thing that most people love to have at their place. You will enjoy a lot of free channels and can easily subscribe to some other channels too. It can be the perfect partner in your free time.

But, nothing on this planet is perfect. So, the Amazon fire stick also has some problems when you use it for a long time. Most of the issues are easy to combat, but a few deadly issues can frustrate you to a level that you may think of getting a new fire stick. One of them is the reboot loop.

What is Reboot Loop?

A reboot loop or you may call it a restart loop. It is an error, and when it occurs, your devices, no matter which one it is, starts to restart abnormally. You may be doing some critical work, and suddenly you face a reboot loop. It would be very frustrating, and to resolve such issues, we are here.

Solutions For Amazon Fire Stick Reboot Loop

Hundreds of solutions will tell you how you can overcome issues related to the fire stick reboot loop. But, there are only a few that’ll resolve your problems in the best possible manner. Some of them are mentioned as:

1. Duplicate Accessories 

Indeed, the accessories you get along with your fire stick will not last as long as your fire stick will. So, when these accessories become useless, most of us try getting duplicate accessories instead of getting the original accessories. It’s one of the most usual reasons why you are facing a reboot loop. So, to avoid it, always bet on original accessories.

2. Update the Amazon Fire Stick

When things enter their dotage, no matter whether they are human or machines, they start to do strange things. So, if your fire stick is on a reboot loop, then the most probable reason is that you have not updated the fire stick for so long.

It is the most common mistake that we make when we own a fire stick. We forget to update our fire stick, which leads our fire to stick towards the reboot loop, eventually leading us to frustration. Keep on updating the fire stick when needed.

3. Extension Issue

Do you use an extension for plugging in your Amazon fire stick? If yes, then it can be why you are facing issues related to the reboot loop. An extension may cause fluctuation, which is why your fire stick is on a reboot loop. If you are using an extension and continuously facing such an issue, remove the extension to remove your reboot loop related problems.


In the draft, we have mentioned some of the most common reasons why your Amazon Fire Stick is on a reboot loop. Giving this article a good read will help you to avoid such issues. Try any of the above-given solutions and get rid of the Amazon fire stick reboot loop.

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