How To Mirror Windows 7 To Fire Stick

mirror windows 7 to fire stick
mirror windows 7 to fire stick


Mirroring is something that everyone wants to do. To connect your android or other such devices to your computer for watching amazing stuff has become so common that everyone who owns such devices will always want to go for mirroring.

But, if you own an Amazon Fire Stick and want to mirror is to windows 7, then is it possible or not? The brief answer to the question is yes. If you’re going to mirror Amazon Fire Stick on windows seven, then it is quite a simple and relatively easy task to perform. In this article, we will provide you ultimate knowledge to mirror windows 7 to Fire Stick.

Mirror Windows 7 To Fire Stick

Connecting Fire Stick to Windows 7

Connecting a Fire Stick to your device will enable you to watch all the content on your laptop screen without any difficulty. Moreover, you’ll be able to control all of your fire stick stuff all through your laptop. But, if connecting fire sticks to windows seven so easy that everyone can perform it with ease.

It is one of the most asked questions that can mirror your fire stick to the windows 7, and if yes then, how will you be connecting it to your windows 7 to mirror it perfectly. The article has got all the solutions to connect your fire stick to windows 7 for mirroring. You will be applying two methods to connect your fire stick to mirror it on windows 7.

Connecting through Fire Stick

Connecting a fire stick is relatively easy and seems like a child’s play. While connecting a fire stick, the only thing that you need is a sound mind and a little bit of knowledge about your fire stick. Firstly, go to the home page and hold down the home button on your remote for some time.

Doing this will bring you to some options that will be like setting, sleep, and mirroring. You know that what you need to do now (click on the mirroring option). After clicking on the mirroring option, your firs stick will start to search for nearby devices to connect with. It is all you need to do with your fire stick to connect it to your windows 7.

Connecting Through Windows 7

When you do all the right thing with your fire stick, then the next thing you need to do is reach out to your windows 7 device. Once getting to it, you will witness a small icon on the bottom right corner of your windows 7 screen.

Now, click on the, and it will lead to connecting your fire stick to the windows 7 for mirroring. After doing this, if the fire stick pops up, then everything is well and good, but if the thing starts to go the wrong way, then visit your firs stick and check if you have tapped on the mirroring option rightly or not. After doing everything in an orderly manner, then you are free to enjoy mirroring to your windows 7 device.

Mirroring Screen Is Small

After mirroring, the most probable thing that you may face is that the screen is tiny. It is not a thing on which you should cry. It is an easy thing to resolve, and the only thing to resolve this issue is to read this article till the end.

The reason why your mirroring screen is very small, or it is not good in quality, then the only thing that you need to play with is your screen resolution. Usually, the problem is with your screen resolution.

If you are facing such issues, try to increase the screen resolution of your windows 7 screen. Doing this will help you to increase the size of the mirroring screen. Along with it, this will also increase the screen resolution to improve quality.


In this draft, we have discussed the mirroring of fire stick to the windows 7. The article will enable you to learn about every single detail about mirroring fire stick to windows 7. This article is the ultimate solution to all of the problems linked with the title of the draft. If you have any issues, then hit the comment box to let us know about your problems.

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