Aggressive WiFi To Cellular Handover: Enabling And Disabling The Feature

aggressive wifi to cellular handover
aggressive wifi to cellular handover

The internet provides people with numerous services that are all made to ease out their daily lives. Considering this, you can even use it to watch movies or play games. On the other hand, the service also helps businesses and workspaces to function efficiently. Considering this, most offices have a stable internet connection installed which is used to help with their work.

Additionally, people even use this on their mobile phones to have access to all these services even when they are outside. Though, if you do not have a Wi-Fi connection on your mobile phone then you will have to use cellular data instead. This is also called mobile data which is provided by your network operators. You can simply access this by subscribing to a package from the company.

Aggressive Wi-Fi To Cellular Handover

Newer smartphones are now coming with additional features. One of the best ones is known as Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular Handover. This feature ensures that the user gets a seamless internet connection on their device to avoid any buffering during their browsing.

The overall procedure behind this is also simple as the mobile phone switches between your mobile data and Wi-Fi connection. Whenever the Wi-Fi signals get weak and the device notices that the internet service might get interrupted, it will automatically switch to cellular data and vice versa.

Considering this, the user can easily search for information without having to switch between these modes on their own. While the service was quite poor when it came out. Most newer devices have now perfected the feature. Keeping this in mind, it is usually recommended that you keep this enabled on your mobile phone. Most companies have this switched on by default to help the user out.

Enabling and Disabling the Feature

While Aggressive Wi-Fi to Cellular Handover is an amazing service to use. You should note that the same cannot be said for every user. This is because the feature requires you to have a cellular data package subscribed at all times. If you don’t then the mobile data will start draining the credit from your SIM card. This can be quite frustrating to deal with for many people.

This is why one option is that you subscribe to an automated package that will be renewed every month. This will take out the worry of having to subscribe again and again. Though, the second option is that you manually disable the feature. This can be done by accessing the Wi-Fi settings on your device.

There are many ways to do this but on simple one is by simply going to settings and then Wi-Fi connection. You can then browse down a little to find the advanced setting or options tab. Click on it to get access to all the features on your device related to Wi-Fi. Simply enable or disable this feature from there and save your changes. One thing to keep in mind is that the name for this service can vary depending on what brand of mobile phone you have.

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