What Can Someone Do With Your WiFi Password?

what can someone do with your wifi password
what can someone do with your wifi password

Wi-Fi is the need for every office and household today since most of the devices have gone wireless and they need the Wi-Fi to connect with the internet. Not only that, but Wi-Fi allows you tons of utility with the whole convenience and feasibility factor as you can move freely around the place without having to worry about having your devices connected with the cables or anything like that.

However, it also creates a network that can be accessible to all the devices in the range, and if someone gets hold of your password, that might not be a good thing for you to have. A few things that you must know about how it will affect you if someone has your Wi-Fi password are:

What Can Someone Do With Your WiFi Password?

Access the Internet

The first thing that someone can do if they have your Wi-Fi password is that they can connect over the internet using your password and that will certainly affect your bandwidth greatly.

The more devices are connected on the network, the lesser bandwidth and speed you will be getting over each device. Not only that, but if you are using a plan that is limited, they will also be consuming your data allowance and that way you will end up having certain problems with the speed, data and more.

Access the devices

Another thing that you will need to know about your Wi-Fi network is that all the devices on the network are centrally connected with the router. That means, if any device on the network wants, they can access the shared resources, data and preferences on other devices as well.

This means, that not only they can access all the devices that are connected with your router, but they will also have access to your router and that will enable them to change the settings possibly on your router, that is obviously not something you would like to have.

So, if someone has your Wi-Fi password, that can be a great security risk for your data, privacy and devices that you are using. That is why, you will have to ensure that you are using the right encryption on your network, and not only that but keep your Wi-Fi password secure and away from unauthorized access at all times.

Access Network Traffic

With the right tools and access, someone having your Wi-Fi password can also access the network traffic and the data packets that are being sent or received on the devices that are connected on your network. That means, someone with your Wi-Fi password can access the network traffic, and if they want, they might be able to infect the data to cause you problems with the security and privacy.

All these possibilities are always there if your password gets stolen, or someone has access to your Wi-Fi password. So, you will need to make sure that you are changing not only the Wi-Fi password, but also the router access password if you are doubtful about someone to have your password.

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