Actiontec F2250 DSL Modem Review 2022

actiontec f2250 review
actiontec f2250 review

For everyone who has an internet connection at home, they would know that having the best modem is important. Similarly, for people who use the internet through a phone service line, using the DSL modem seems like the right choice.

That being said, Actiontec has launched various DSL modems. With this article, we are sharing the Actiontec F2250 review in this article to help you make an informed choice!

Actiontec F2250 DSL Modem Review

To begin with, this is the DSL modem designed by Actiontec. The DSL modem has been designed by Frontier Internet. For the most part, the modem can be used with any DSL service provider. It is designed with a black body which looks pretty classic in your home. The modem has been designed with the gateway for auto-detecting the DSL technology.

Setup & Installation

The Actiontec F2250 DSL modem is incredibly easy to use and set up. We are saying this because you don’t need to hire technical help for installing this DSL modem. That’s to say, because the DSL modem is designed with a plug-and-play feature and supports the same for other devices. Similarly, it can identify and support different hardware configurations without causing connectivity issues.

In addition to this, this DSL modem is compliant with the single-line, ADSL2+, and VDSL2 Bonded. This compliancy is sufficient for connections of different forms. In addition, it can support different cable connections at a time.


Actiontec F2250 DSL modem is designed with DMT modulation and demodulation. This means that the modem can support the multicarrier techniques. It promises seamless utilization of wireless channels, and it also improves the signal outcome by transmitting different bit values. In addition, it can separate the frequency range for better connectivity.

While we are talking about modulation, it’s important to outline that the Action F2250 DSL modem supports STD 802.11g and 802.11b modulation.

Connection Support

Whenever a modem is concerned, the users need to keep in mind the connection support. That’s because it shows how much internet speed a specific modem can handle and transmit. That being said, the Actiontec F2250 DSL modem is designed to offer the maximum downloading speed of 8Mbps while the upload speed is around 1Mbps.

To be honest, this connection support makes it suitable for home usage only. This is because even if you sign up for high-speed internet connections, this modem will not support it.

Internet Channel Support

When it comes down to the modems, the users need to be particular about the internet channel support. To be honest, Actiontec has outdone themselves with this part. That’s to say because it supports a 2.4GHz channel with IEEE 802.11n support. On the other hand, it also supports 20/40 MHz channels when the optional SGI is concerned.

As far as IEEE is concerned, it has full support for IEEE 802.11 b/n/g support. This is the wide-scale compatibility that delivers better performance. All in all, it doesn’t support 5GHz wireless channel!


With the increasing internet threats, it has become important to ensure protection and security for wireless connections. That being said, the Actiontec F2250 DSL modem has promising network security support. The security support for wireless networks includes WPA2, WPA, and AES. In addition, the AES encryption and decryption are integrated with IEEE and TKIP support.

Power Requirements

We have talked about the technical features and technology of this DSL modem. However, it’s equally important to understand the power requirements. That being said, it needs +12V to function properly. Similarly, the active dissipation is about 12V DC!

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