5.0 GHz Wireless Access Point 1 Disconnected

5.0ghz wireless access point 1 disconnected
5.0ghz wireless access point 1 disconnected

Routers provide their users with wireless internet signals. You can then catch these on your devices and connect to the internet through Wi-Fi. Routers can additionally be used to expand the already existing signal range of your modem. This can be quite helpful and can use them to get Wi-Fi signals in every nook of your house.

Aside from this, another great thing about these devices is that companies have been implementing a number of different features on them. These usually differ from brand to brand But the main thing is that this helps the users to feel at ease and enjoy the services provided by these routers.

What is a 5.0 GHz Band Channel

The 5.0 GHz Band channel is one of the features provided by the newer router. This allows the users to use their internet connection at a faster speed.  Furthermore, the signals provided through a 5 GHz channel are notably stronger than standard signals. This means that these signals are less vulnerable to any interference.

This helps the users to use the internet without having to worry about the signals on them dropping. Although, there are also some downsides of this feature, one of them is that the overall range provided by it is really low. Secondly, if there is any solid object between the router and you, then the signals will find it really hard to penetrate through it.

5.0 GHz Wireless Access Point 1 Disconnected

If you are using this feature on your device then you might sometimes notice that it has run into an issue. Talking about this, one problem is that when you open up the settings on your router, it will show that the 5.0 GHz Wireless Access Point 1 is disconnected.

If this happens then you will be unable to use your internet connection. In some cases, the user might not know how to access the settings for the 5 GHz channel on their router. For this, you will first have to open up the main page of your device. Enter your login credentials here to continue.

These are usually set to ‘admin’ for both the password and username. These are case sensitive so remember to keep that in mind. Afterward, open up the ‘Network Connections’ tab and then finally select your channel from here.

Open up its properties by right-clicking on it and selecting the option after you get a popup. If this shows that 5.0 GHz Wireless Access Point 1 is disconnected then you should reboot your device.

Wait for a few minutes before you start your device again. Alternatively, if this still does not work then reset your router back to its factory default settings. This is because the error might sometimes be from a recent change in the configuration files.

Restoring these should fix most software-related problems on your router. Lastly, if you are still receiving the same issue but can use the internet on your devices. Then you should ignore this error as it might just be a bug.

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