Antennaweb vs TVFool: Which One Is Better?

antennaweb vs tvfool
antennaweb vs tvfool

Long gone the times when people used to struggle with the outdoor antennas and settling them in the “right” position was no less than a task. However, the channel receiving has become tech-savvy, hence a stable connection since the outdoor antennas have been regulated with high-end signal reception

. However, first-time users don’t know which is the right antenna for their location that will provide the desired channels. So, in this article, we are sharing about AntennaWeb vs. TVFool, so you can make the right choice.

Antennaweb vs TVFool


When it comes down to AntennaWeb, it is sponsored by the NAB and CEA and has a special mapping system. This is actually the online tool through which users can access which antennas are suitable for their location and needs. They have a wide variety of resources through the users can determine the over-the-air broadcasting and antennas.

Through this tool, the users can enter the zip code or address in the location bar, and as a result, it outlines the list of available stations. Once you have the information about the stations, you can determine the right antenna that’s promised to provide the stations. To be honest, AntennaWeb promises extremely specified results since it provides results according to the street address.

As far as the types of antennas are concerned, there are multi-directional and directional antennas available in a variety of sizes and amplification. For instance, the multi-directional antennas are available in small, medium, and large sizes. In addition, there is one large direction with a pre-amplification system. Lastly, there are two medium directional antennas; one with the pre-amplification and one without it.

However, they do not provide the brand information or models of the antennas. But again, you can determine if the specific antenna is suitable for your area or not. For people who don’t have the antenna, for now, AntennaWeb will help choose the right option that’s in compliance with the location and ensure the provision of the OTA channels without any costs.

Not so long ago, they modified and updated the website which has made this site easy to use and navigate around. First of all, when you enter the address, you will be able to see the available channels and stations at a specific location. In addition, they offer a colored chart through which you can determine the right type of antenna.

The users can scroll down to the available channel list, and in case you tap on the individual channel, you might need to rescan the channels again if you want to keep using the antenna. Besides, their website has insightful details about different variants of antennas, along with the rescanning issues and cords.


With the advent of repacking of the FCC channels, one needs to choose the right TV data. However, this data must be readily available and analyzed for a better outcome. With this being said, TVFool is one of the most effective choices out there. The website is loaded with data and information through which you can gain insights about the OTA reception.

This website has been curated with the forums and various section that provides seamless and precise information about the OTA. To be honest, you will find multiple antenna theories, and in case you have reception issues, this website is all you need to troubleshoot the issue. However, the website covers limited stations, so you might not get accurate information and data about each area. This website is designed and operated by volunteers. In addition, if there are data issues, you can add the information on the website (through the forum) and they will modify the database.

The best thing about TVFool is that it allows the users to determine the right type of antennas that complies with the location. In addition, you will be able to determine which direction is right for the antenna, so you get the right channels and stations. Lastly, the website will show projected channels that are right for the specific location.

On top of everything, TVFool offers a signal report. This signal report will outline the signal reception of the TV and also empowers the users to set up the antenna. In conclusion, it shares the noise margin through which users can assess the signal strength of the location.

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