An integral part of mobile wireless telephony devices worldwide, the subscriber identification module (SIM) “card” is in truth an integrated circuit made from PVC and embedded with semiconductors and electrical contacts aka “pins.” They’re found inside all GSM devices and … Continue reading

Back in the day when we talked on cell phones (not smartphones) and used voice (not data), the term “roaming” had a limited impact. It generally referred to accessing a different network carrier for voice calls when outside the geographical … Continue reading

Travel routers aka pocket routers aka mobile routers are a specialized type of broadband router specifically meant to connect with mobile devices. These handy gizmos are designed for the business traveler’s convenience with features such as: Battery Operation. Many travel … Continue reading

Satellite telephones, sat phones or satphones are extraterrestrial mobile phones linked to orbiting satellites rather than land-based cellular towers. While bandwidth is limited compared to the latest 4G SmartPhones, satphones essentially have the same capabilities as terrestrial mobile phones. Typically … Continue reading

Using a high capacity USB storage device while you are away from your PC is one option for accessing files on the go. But what if you could securely access your PC or another computer while you are on the … Continue reading

It was not too long ago that wireless hotspots were not as common as they are today. Since then, companies such as FON have been striving to increase the availability of public Wi-Fi networks. FON Wireless is also known as … Continue reading

For many travelers, access to a high speed Internet connection is high on the priority list and often the deciding factor when it comes to choosing hotel accommodations. However, most hotels fail to deliver Internet speeds as advertised. What is … Continue reading

Just as we have become accustomed to staying connected on the ground, now there is a way to get a jump start on tasks while you are in the air using Gogo Inflight Internet. Gogo inflight Internet is formerly known … Continue reading

If you are planning to take a road trip in which you will be visiting many different campgrounds, chances are you will want to stay connected to the Internet to check your email messages, surf the Internet, and use your … Continue reading

When you are traveling on the road Internet access can make it a whole lot easier to get things done.  An Internet connection allows you to multitask which leaves you with a lot more time to do the things you … Continue reading

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP for short) has changed the way we communicate with one another.  If you are already familiar with using VoIP to speak to your family and friends using your PC, the increased use of mobile devices … Continue reading

Thanks to the increased availability of WiFi in airport terminals waiting out a flight delay does not appear to be as tedious and time consuming.  By accessing airport WiFi you can make better use of your time while avoiding the … Continue reading

If you travel with your family, a group of friends, or conduct business with associates on the road there are times when you may want to share your mobile broadband connection with other users. You can establish this type of … Continue reading

As technology progresses there are more options available for establishing Internet connectivity regardless of where you are located or if you are constantly on the go.  If you travel for work or go on vacation or it is simply difficult … Continue reading

Updated: August 24, 2014 With many mobile devices being equipped with hotspot capability, many wonder whether or not a portable Wi-Fi router is useful. Although you can use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot, there are still benefits to using … Continue reading

Most people use their laptop PC to locate the nearest WiFi hotspot.  The most recent PCs are capable of automatically detecting a wireless connection.  But what if you do not want to go through the hassle of unpacking your laptop, … Continue reading

If you travel a lot and find yourself wasting time looking around for a hotspot, you should consider using an aircard which will provide you with Internet connectivity in any location that is within the vicinity of a cellular phone … Continue reading

With the increased use of handheld devices you no longer have to haul your laptop PC with you to establish connectivity to the Internet while you are on the go. Mobile devices that are Internet-ready and fit in your pocket … Continue reading

Updated: August 24, 2014 Many RVers are faced with intermittent Internet connectivity while traveling on the road. However, new technologies and the wider availability of broadband have created more options for connecting to the Internet while on the go. In … Continue reading

Wireless Internet creates a lot of conveniences for people who are on the go or do not want to hassle with multiples wires to establish connectivity.  Like everything that makes your life easier there is a dark side and in … Continue reading

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