5 Ways to Get Portable Wireless Internet

Ways to Get Portable Wireless Internet
Ways to Get Portable Wireless Internet

With the increased use of handheld devices you no longer have to haul your laptop PC with you to establish connectivity to the Internet while you are on the go. Mobile devices that are Internet-ready and fit in your pocket have become extremely popular and make it easy to access your messages, collaborate with others, and surf the Web.

Portable wireless Internet on your handheld device is very affordable and allows you to access the Internet from anywhere and at anytime without having to search for a public WiFi access point.  So what are some of the ways that you can get portable wireless Internet using your cell phone?

How to Get Portable Wireless Internet

1. Choose a Cell Phone WiFi Provider

Many of the major cell phone service carriers offer a portable wireless Internet connection when you purchase a cell phone service subscription.  Some of the major providers include Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T and provide a coverage area for accessing the Internet on your smartphone.

It is important to mention that the services will vary according to the cell phone provider you choose.  This means the range of coverage and the speed of data transfer will vary with each provider.  Additionally, some providers may not be available in your local area and in this case there are other options discussed in this article that will help you to establish mobile Internet connectivity.

2. Use a Satellite Service

If you want portable wireless Internet anywhere in the world you can also consider a satellite service option.  In contrast with the primary cell phone providers such as Verizon and Sprint which limits coverage within a specific range, a satellite service such as X SAT works in virtually any location as long as you have a clear view of the sky.

When you use X SAT the service connects to your laptop PC and then you utilize the service with a ThurayaXT satellite phone. The phone communicates with a satellite device connected to your PC which provides Internet and phone service in any location.  This is ideal if you travel a lot personally or professionally where local networks may be intermittent or absent in the area altogether.  If you do not want to lug your full-sized laptop with you, instead you can carry a netbook with you which is a small-sized PC that fits in your purse or briefcase.  The satellite connection can easily be connected to your netbook without the bulk.

3. Get a Portable USB Modem

There is a wide variety of modems that you can obtain that plug into the USB port on your laptop PC.  Cell phone service providers offer a portable wireless modem and some providers have worldwide access.  The modem provides you with your own mobile hotspot that allows you to connect to your email, surf the Web, and connect with your friends.  The download speed of a USB modem is anywhere from 5 to 12 Mbps depending upon the service you use and the type of modem you have.

4. Portable Wireless Internet for Multiple Users

If you are in the company of a group of cell phone users that want to access the Internet from any location you can opt to carry a portable wireless router known as a MiFi.  This is a portable router you can carry with you to allow multiple users Internet access simultaneously.  The portable router fits in your pocket and picks up area cell phone signals and converts them into a wireless Internet connection for multiple users.

5. Evolution Data Optimization

Many of the cell phone carriers in the United States are offering EVDO cards with cell phones which enable users to access the Internet seamlessly from location to location at anytime.  EVDO stands for Evolution Data Optimized and was created as a radio broadband data standard for providing high speed data transfer rates through mobile technology.

One of the benefits of Evolution Data Optimization as a cellular technology is its capability to allow cell phone users to roam seamlessly among different access points.  This helps to maintain your Internet connection at anytime and anywhere and even if you are traveling in a vehicle.

Another benefit of EVDO is its data transfer speed which is a significant improvement over previous technologies.  EVDO can provide data transfer speed of up to 2 Mbps with some services providing as much as 4000 Kbps.  The signals are transmitted over cellular lines which provide you with Internet access in the event you are in an area that does not offer a Digital Subscriber Line for wireless or other high speed Internet connection.

In order to connect to an EVDO network for continuous portable wireless Internet access, it is necessary to use a phone that is compatible with this infrastructure. Then you install the software on your PC or netbook that instructs the computer on how to provide service to your phone.  Following installation you simply establish the connection and then access the Internet.

Hopefully this information will provide you with a few options that are out there for initiating portable wireless Internet connectivity.  If you research the topic further you will find additional methods, as well as new and emerging technologies that can provide you with Internet access anywhere and at any time.

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