What Is Portable Satellite Internet and How Does It Work

What Is Portable Satellite Internet and How It Works
What Is Portable Satellite Internet and How It Works

As technology progresses there are more options available for establishing Internet connectivity regardless of where you are located or if you are constantly on the go.  If you travel for work or go on vacation or it is simply difficult to achieve high speed Internet where you live, one of the options you should consider is portable satellite Internet.

The following information will provide you with a summary of portable satellite Internet.  Hopefully this information will help you to decide whether or not this represents an option for you to establish access to the Internet.

What is Portable Satellite Internet?

Portable satellite Internet is primarily used for RVers who travel extensively and require high speed Internet connectivity that is readily accessible. However, this type of Internet connection is not limited to those who travel.  It can also be used in remote locations where you would otherwise be unable to access the Internet.

The connection works similar to conventional satellite Internet except the equipment is designed to be portable.  Instead of a fixed system that you would normally use in a residential environment you can carry the satellite system with you. Internet access is achieved by establishing an account with a provider that offers portable satellite Internet.

How Portable Satellite Internet Works 

Depending upon the service provider you use to obtain Internet access in most cases you are usually provided with a choice of portable satellite Internet systems.  Each system contains hardware that is designed to serve a specific purpose.  The hardware will vary in terms of the size of the satellite dish, the type of modem which is necessary, and the degree of the transmission power.

The type of hardware you use in the system will determine performance and will vary in price to suit a variety of different budgets.  For example, if you choose a system that offers a larger satellite dish typically you will also get more power during data transmission which allows for improved bandwidth.  This results in faster and more efficient performance when you access the Internet.

A typical portable satellite Internet system consists of the dish, hardware used to mount the dish, modem and installation software, tripod to provide another option for mounting, and satellite antenna.  Additionally equipment may be required depending upon location, setup, and individual purpose for using the system.

Basic Setup for Portable Satellite Internet

If you are traveling a lot it is necessary to setup Internet access on a routine basis when you are using portable satellite Internet equipment.  The good news is part of the initial setup can be used without having to reconfigure and depending upon what you are using the system for the setup can be simplified as well.  To provide you with an idea of what is involved with the setup here is a typical description of a basic setup:

  • Dish Assembly:  If you are performing the dish setup yourself you will find that most portable satellite dish kits include the necessary mounting hardware and sometimes extras such as a compass and leveling tool.  The kit will also include an instruction booklet that you can follow during dish assembly.
  • Modem Configuration:  The modem is connected to your PC via an Ethernet cable to enable you to run the software that helps you to configure the modem and make the necessary adjustments according to your geographical location.
  • Web-Based Configuration:  The web-based software helps you to aim the dish to receive the satellite signal that establishes the Internet connection.  Web-based configuration simply involves typing the address designated in the manual into the URL address bar of your browser.  Then you simply follow the prompts in the software that provide you with the information you need to properly point the dish to the right location in the southern sky.
  • Point the Dish:  Once you have the information and numbers you need from the web-based software configuration then you use the compass and level tool to point the dish toward the satellite signal.  There are three components involved with pointing the dish which include the elevation which determines how much you should adjust the dish up or down, the azimuth which is the degree indicated on the compass, and the cross polarization adjustment which determines how much you should adjust the dish to the left or right.

When you setup portable satellite Internet it is important to check the location to make sure you have a clear view of the southern sky.  Prior to setting up the satellite dish you may want to scout around to see where you can establish the best connection.  This is especially important if you are opting to use the tripod for mounting the satellite dish.

Like any other type of service you should shop around to ensure that you find something that suits your needs and your budget.  If you are traveling there are some portable satellite Internet services that may not provide coverage in the area where you want Internet access.  Hopefully this information will provide you with a place to start if you are seeking this option for Internet connectivity.

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