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If you have just purchased your first HDTV or you are on your second or third unit, there are steps you can take when connecting your HDTV to your home entertainment system that will help to ensure your new system … Continue reading

If you have ever been disappointed because you forgot to record your favorite television show, now it is possible to have the best of both worlds by using a remote DVR service.  Many of the major cable providers such as … Continue reading

A Wii device can open up a lot of options for your home entertainment center since it can provide you with access to game downloads, a wider array of shows and movies through Netflix and other video streaming services, and … Continue reading

ISDN is another form of Internet connectivity that allows you to run applications such as videoconferencing, video streaming programs like online movies, and other applications that require a high speed connection.  ISDN is much faster than a dial-up connection and … Continue reading

Some of you may remember the age of Citizen’s Band radios or CB radio several decades ago.  Each user had a handle which was the equivalent of a username on the Internet.  Or you may remember experimenting with a ham … Continue reading

If you are using the Xbox 360 by Microsoft the device is designed for Internet connectivity for accessing applications such as online games and other programs.  Depending upon the model of the Xbox 360 you have it may be necessary … Continue reading

High speed broadband Internet access is becoming more widely available in homes which make it appear like it is a new technology.  The reality is that many businesses have been using a high speed broadband connection for a number of … Continue reading

In the current economy many people are looking to save money by cutting back on things that are not really necessary.  At one time, Internet access was considered to be a luxury however with the recent technological advances that provide … Continue reading

Updated: July 9, 2014 High speed Internet access can be a great tool that serves many different purposes. However, there are many people who only use the Internet on occasion and prefer not to pay for access to the Internet. … Continue reading

Updated: August 24, 2014 Many RVers are faced with intermittent Internet connectivity while traveling on the road. However, new technologies and the wider availability of broadband have created more options for connecting to the Internet while on the go. In … Continue reading

Although there are free sites online for conducting an Internet speed test the FCC recently released a free test that will help you to determine the speed of your Internet connection.  The test does more than just determine the speed … Continue reading

DS3 stands for Digital Signal 3 and is typically used by digital carriers to send out DS3 signals which are formatted and run at 43Mbps.  DS3 usually consists of hundreds of channels with each one capable of handling 64Kbps. So, … Continue reading

There are many different factors that can affect the speed of your broadband Internet connection.  If your broadband connection speed is running at a slow speed there are a few steps you can take to try and correct the problem … Continue reading

If you have more than one PC in your home it makes sense to set up the PCs on a home network.  PCs that are connected together on a network allow each user to have access to the printer from … Continue reading

Updated: July 8, 2014 Many people like to enjoy the fresh air and serenity of rural areas. But this does not necessarily mean you have to sacrifice high speed Internet access simply because you are located outside the reach of … Continue reading

There are different types of Internet connections available that also offer different connection speeds.  Sometimes it can be confusing to determine which connection is better than another.  If you do not live in a rural area, your options for Internet … Continue reading

There are a variety of possibilities these days when it comes to connecting to the Internet. Many of the options which have become available are replacing the now antiquated form known as the dial-up connection. If you have ever used … Continue reading

If you are frustrated with slow loading Web pages and consistently getting disconnected from the Internet at a moments notice, you may want to consider dumping your dial-up access and getting a broadband Internet connection. Broadband Internet connects your computer … Continue reading

Broadband Internet is rapidly taking the lead as the most popular type of Internet access due to its speed and is offered in the form of cable, DSL (Digital Subscriber Line), and satellite. Although dial-up service is cheaper, more than … Continue reading

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