Can I Use Two Sets Of Powerline Adaptors?

can i use two sets of powerline adapters
can i use two sets of powerline adapters

For everyone who has been looking for high-speed internet connection, using the powerline adapters can be an ideal choice. But you might have one question in mind, “Can I use two sets of powerline adapters?” That’s to say because people wonder if multiple powerline adapters will enhance the internet connection. All in all, we have added the answers in this article!

Can I Use Two Sets Of Powerline Adaptors

Using Two Sets of Powerline Adapters

The short answer is that you can mix and match the ethernet-over-powerline adapters in your home. However, the users will need to outline the putative configuration of adapters to see if it’s compatible. In the case of TP-Link adapters and routers, we have outlined how to optimize the functionality, such as;

  • First of all, you need to download the TP PLC software
  • Open the software and tap on “add new.”
  • Add the keys available on the back of the unit
  • Click on the Pair button of the unit
  • And done, the connection will be established while using two sets of powerline adapters with high-speed internet

Integrating Two Powerline Adapters

While you are trying to connect two powerline adapter sets for your network connection, you will need to reset the adapter units. Once you have reset the units, you need to press the pair button on each unit, and it will create a paired network. Even more, it will start showing in the admin interface.

Powerline Adapters & Nodes

Everything depends on the model of the powerline adapter. The majority of powerline adapters offer connection capability up to 64 nodes, promising streamlined internet connection. However, some people question if they can use extenders and adapters at the same time. Well, you can use both of them at one time because it doesn’t impose any adverse impact on the internet speed.

Multiple Powerline Networks

Whilst you are thinking about the multiple powerline adapter sets in your home, let us clarify that you can optimize multiple networks in the house/building.

Reasons To Use Two Sets of Powerline Adapters

Network Expansion

This is one of the most common reasons that empower users to create multiple outlets around the house. When you use multiple powerline adapters around the house, you will be able to optimize higher bandwidth that helps enhance internet speed for gaming, streaming, and downloading large files. The modern powerline adapters are designed with automated detection.

With this being said, you won’t have to opt for manual pairing because all you need to do is plug in the adapter and will establish a connection on an automated basis.

Separate Powerline Network

If you are opting for more than two sets of powerline adapters, it can negatively impact the performance scale. So, if you have to use more than two sets of adapters, it is suggested that you create a separate powerline network. These different powerline networks will enhance the performance scale, without compromising on the internet speed. In addition, separate networks will offer better security standards and higher privacy.

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