3 Ways To Fix Abode Iota Camera Slow Internet Issue

abode iota Camera slow internet
abode iota Camera slow internet

If you are looking for a smart home security system then one of the best options on the market right now is the iota camera system by Abode. The complete system is extremely easy to set up and additionally comes with a lot of features. This camera covers a total of 157 degrees of view and records everything in 1080p.

Aside from this, the camera also provides features like night vision which makes it easy for the camera to record even in low or no light at all. Recently, some Abode iota camera users have reported that they are getting slow internet on their device. This might happen to you as well, so here are a few ways you can fix this.

Abode Iota Camera Slow Internet

  1. Restart Your Devices

Some devices have temporary storage on them which keeps storing up files on them. If the cache files on these devices get piled up then the device can start running into problems. While it is most likely that your camera might have gotten a lot of cache files stored in it. The same can not be said for your router and modem. It is recommended that you give all three of your devices a power cycle. This should delete and temporary data that is stuck in their memory and fix the problem that you are getting.

Start by switching off all three of your devices. After this, it is recommended that you at least wait for a minute. This will give the device enough time to delete all of these cache files. After this start by switching on your modem first. The green LED lights on it should blink for sometime after which they will become completely stable. Now you can proceed to turn on both your router and camera. After all these devices boot up, connect the camera to your internet connection.

  1. Optimize Camera Settings

The default settings that iota provides on most of its cameras is the medium setting. This setting ensures that the streams will be stable and you should have no problems with It. However, the stream will vary depending on your internet connection. If the bandwidth provided by your connection does not meet the requirements from iota then the stream will start to lag. Additionally, some people might have already changed the setting to ‘high’ while they were setting up their camera.

The slow speed problem is most likely to the bandwidth limitations. This is why you should change the settings of your camera according to the internet connection that you are using. It is recommended that you check the speed of your internet online before changing the settings. You can use any online internet speed test to get a result. After finding out the download and upload speed of your connection. Proceed to open up Abode’s official website.

Under the tab for specifications and requirements for iota, you should find the speeds required by different settings. Alternatively, you can find all these requirements in the user manual provided with your device as well. After reading this, open up the settings of your camera and then change the optimization of it accordingly. Lastly, if the stream is still buffering a little due to slow internet then you can also try to decrease the bitrate.

  1. Problem from Backend

While this is not a common problem, there can sometimes be a problem from your ISP. The services might be down from the backend due to several reasons. For instance, they might be updating their servers or maybe changing their wiring. Whatever the case might be the problem should be able to fix on its own. This is why it is recommended that you wait for some time.

However, if the problem still persists after some time then you can try to contact your ISP. Message them online or make a call. You should tell the problem that you are getting in detail and the service providers should be able to provide you with a solution. If there is a problem with the internal wiring of your house then it might take some time. The ISP service will send a technician to your home that will get your problem fixed.

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