Xfinity Error Retrieving MPX URL: 3 Ways to Fix

xfinity error retrieving mpx url
xfinity error retrieving mpx url

If you live in the USA, then there is no chance that you do not know about Xfinity. It is one of the biggest wireless carriers in the country. Whether it is about the internet, telephone, or the Television, you will find Xfinity services in the first row.

But what if the same wireless carrier stops to provide quality services. Some of the Xfinity customers reported that they are facing some issues while using the Xfinity, and one of the most common is Xfinity error retrieving MPX URL. For our readers’ ease, we have brought some of the best troubleshooting methods to help you counter it.

Xfinity Error Retrieving MPX URL

If you are using something online, then there are high chances that at some point, you are going to witness errors, and the important thing is to resolve them. If you witness the error mentioned above while watching a movie or web series, it may not be very pleasant.

To avoid such things, below, we have given some troubleshooting methods that will help you to prevent such conditions. Follow the methods, and you will be able to enjoy your streaming again.

1) Clear The Cache

The first thing that you will be doing once you witness such an error is the cache’s clearing. One of the most common mistakes that we keep on making is that we don’t clear our cache and cookies. It eventually results in causing various errors like the above one.

Clearing cache and cookies will enable you to clear all of the old data, which means the error. If you have cleared the cache and cookies, it will eventually help you get rid of the retrieving error. Try this method and let us know to what extent did it worked for you.

2) Change Or Update The Browser

Sometimes, the issue is neither with your service providers nor with your device; in reality, the problem may be the browser you’re using. There are some moments when the browser stops to work properly, thus leading you to such situations. So, for skipping such errors out of your life, try updating your browser, and if it does not work, then change the browser you are using.

3) Reboot Your Router

In some cases, the actual issue is with the router that you are using. Your router, like all of your other devices, may fall under the bug attacks, and this may ruin its performance. It is one of the most probable reasons that you face Xfinity error retrieving MPX URL.

If the above two methods don’t resolve the issue, try rebooting your router, and it will do miracles for you. It is one of the most used methods and works almost all of the time.


The draft has introduced all of the possible things that you needed to know before troubleshooting the error. We have tried the best possible to introduce you to some of the best troubleshooting methods. Follow the article, and your issue will be like smoke in the open air.

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