5 Ways To Fix Xfinity Error 11700

xfinity error 11700
xfinity error 11700

Xfinity is one of the most preferred choices for everyone who need an internet connection or cable TV. Truth be told, millions of people are using Xfinity. However, some users are still wondering about Xfinity error 11700. With this article, we are sharing how this error can be fixed!

Error 11700 With Xfinity – What Does It Mean?

To be honest, error 11700 is not the issue by Xfinity because it’s eventually the user’s fault. We are saying this because the error occurs when users don’t close down the apps and browsers properly. When you are using Xfinity, you are required to end the streaming properly before you switch off the app or browser. Now, let’s see how we can fix this error!

1. Use The Correct Method

The first way of fixing this issue is by using the correct method. We have already mentioned that error 11700 will occur when you don’t shut off streaming properly. That being said, in the streaming platform, you need to move the cursor to the upper right corner. The upper right corner has an X appearing. The users will need to press that X button to end the stream.

When the users keep closing the web browser rather than dismissing the stream first, it will result in the enforcement of the session limit. In particular, we are talking about the enforcement of the maximum sessions limit. Once this limit is hit, no more sessions can be added and will result in error 11700. This error is pretty similar to “too many devices” on Netflix!

2. Reprovision

If the error 11700 is still there, it’s highly likely that the maximum sessions limit has been hit. For this reason, you will need to reprovision the account and old sessions. For this purpose, you can connect with the Xfinity team, so they can assist you with reprovisioning. Once the account and mobile phones have been provisioned, the error 11700 will be eliminated from the system.

3. History

If closing the stream and reprovisioning didn’t work, you can try deleting the history. Whichever browser you are using for using the stream, you need to clear off the browsing history. In addition, we suggest that you clear the cache and cookies as well. This is because the built-up cache and cookies, and browsing history will lead to this error. That being said, just remove the history and cache, and the streaming will be resumed without any error.

4. Reboot

In the majority of cases, people delete the history, cache., and cloud. In addition, they even reprovision the account, but it still doesn’t fix error 11700. This is because people don’t restart the browser after following these methods. That being said, you need to close the browser and try again.

5. Customer Support

If you are still unable to get rid of Xfinity error 11700, you need to get in touch with customer support. Xfinity has highly responsive customer support. That being said, Xfinity has on-call and online support available. So, just call customer support as you feel convenient!

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