Xbox One S Restarts When Connecting To WiFi: 3 Fixes

xbox one s restarts when connecting to wifi
xbox one s restarts when connecting to wifi

People all around the world enjoy playing video games. While some play these in when they are bored. Some people have made gaming their actual business. This is done through the help of famous video streaming platforms like Twitch and YouTube. The companies pay people for the number of views they receive on their videos which makes playing games even more enjoyable.

Though, to play some of the latest games with good graphics. It is required that you either have a good gaming system or a console instead. Talking about this, the different lineups from Xbox are some of the best choices.

Though, recently people have been complaining that their Xbox One S restarts when connecting to Wi-Fi. If you are also getting the same issue then here are some troubleshooting steps that you can try.

Xbox One S Restarts When Connecting To WiFi

  1. Reset Your Network

The Xbox One S rebooting when trying to connect to your Wi-Fi connection problem usually happens to people who have recently bought the console. This was an issue with the console’s firmware, where the device would reboot whenever connected wirelessly during the setup screen.

Considering this, even if you wanted to update the firmware of your device, then you will first have to go through the initial configuration. This is why it is so annoying to deal with this error. Luckily, many people have reported that resetting their network connection fixed the problem for them.

This is quite easy to do and you should not have much trouble with it. You can start by switching off your console by holding down the power button on it. After this, shut down your modem and router as well if you have one. Disconnect the cables for all of your devices and then leave them like this for a few minutes. You can then by starting your modem and waiting for it to become stable. Now start up your router and make sure that you do not connect any device with it. Finally, start your console and try establishing the connection.

  1. Remove Password

If the steps mentioned above do not work out for you. Then there might be something interrupting your connection. This can either be due to your password being encrypted or something similar. This is why one simple option is to remove the password from your router. You can do this from the configurations of your device. If you are having trouble signing in to the device then both the password and username for your router and modem should be ‘admin’.

If you are still having trouble then you can consult the manual for your router to help you with this process. Once the pin code has been deleted, you should now be able to connect your Xbox One S to the Wi-Fi successfully. Many users have reported that their connection kept working even after they disconnected the internet. Then set their same old password back on their router.

Considering this, you should also be able to put your password back up and still be able to use your connection without any issues. Though, it is recommended that you update the firmware for your console as the error is most likely from it. This should take you a few minutes at max but keep in mind that the time usually depends on your connection speed.

  1. Wired Connection

While the steps mentioned should most likely fix the error you were getting. You can also try using a wired connection instead. The problem with your console rebooting only happens when trying to use Wi-Fi. This is why you can access your internet by plugging in an ethernet cable instead. These provide you with a much better transfer rate and internet speeds.

Additionally, you will notice that your connection is notably stable when compared to a wireless connection. Though, you can simply switch back to using your Wi-Fi once the setup configuration is complete using an ethernet cable. Finally, you should note that if your device gets connected to the internet but is still not working. Then the issue might be with your network instead. In this case, you will have to contact your ISP and ask them to help you out.

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