Samsung TV Restarts While Watching Netflix: 3 Fixes

samsung tv restarts while watching netflix
samsung tv restarts while watching netflix

Samsung is a famous brand that manufactures tons of products. While they are mostly known due to their mobile phone lineups. They also have televisions and other similar appliances available as well. Additionally, one great thing about the company is that all of these have tons of features built onto them.

The newer televisions coming out from the brand can even allow users to install applications on them. These include all the ones that you can use on your mobile phone which makes this service amazing.

Though, you should keep in mind that there are also a few issues that you can get. One of these is that Samsung TV restarts while watching Netflix. If you are also getting the same problem then these troubleshooting steps should help you in fixing it.

Samsung TV Restarts While Watching Netflix

  1. Check Cable Connections

Your television rebooting whenever you are using Netflix might make you feel like there is a problem with the application. Though, you should note that the issue can simply be from your device instead. This is why the first thing that you should check is the connections for your TV.

If these have become loose or damaged then your device will most likely keep on rebooting. Considering this, start by observing the power cables for your device and see if there are any damages to it.

If there are then get these replaced with new ones. You can then move on to check your outlet now. Sometimes when the current from your socket is low or fluctuating, the devices you have connected to it will shut down. This is why you can take a reading of your outlet using a multimeter. If there is any unstable current coming then use a separate outlet instead.

Running your device on a plug where the voltage is low can damage your television. Keep in mind that these issues mostly happen when the internal wires of your socket have gotten damaged. Getting these replaced with new ones will fix the problem for you.

Additionally, if you are not aware of how to check your wiring then you should contact a specialist instead. They should be able to identify and fix the error without having you go through any unnecessary trouble.

  1. Re-install Netflix

If the wirings and outlets for your device are all working fine. Then the problem might be with your application instead. Sometimes there are new updates available that you forgot to download which can cause this issue. Alternatively, the application might not have been able to update itself.

This usually happens when the installation is interrupted due to a cut in your connection or the device shutting down. Considering this, the simplest option to fix this is by re-installing the application. This should save you tons of time as trying to manually pin down the issue can be quite difficult. Just make sure that the program is removed completely along with its cache files before you proceed to download it again.

Additionally, if your device gets frozen when you try to remove Netflix from it. Then one option is to select the uninstall option and then shutting down your device. When you start it back up, you will notice that the application is now gone. You can then proceed to download it again from the store. Just make sure that your connection is kept stable throughout the process to avoid similar issues again.

  1. Update Firmware

Sometimes the user might have forgotten to update the firmware version of their television. These updates come out rarely. Though, when they do, you must install these on your device. This will ensure that your television keeps running in the best possible condition. Most of these firmware patches are mainly made to fix any errors that people had reported with the device.

Although, with time the company stops providing support for the older versions. This is when people start getting similar problems on their devices. Luckily, updating the firmware of your Samsung TV is quite easy and should not take you much time. You can do this from the settings of your device. If the option is not present there then try browsing through the advanced options.

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