Synology Diskstation Flashing Blue Light: 3 Fixes

synology diskstation flashing blue light
synology diskstation flashing blue light

Synology Disk Stations are a great innovation that makes data and information storage a huge bliss for anyone. From domestic users to small offices or moderate-sized servers are using Synology Disk Stations to optimize their data, increase the efficiency of their data handling procedures, and make sure that their data is safe.

A Synology Disk Station basically allows you to connect your PC to an external interface, allowing you to use one or more than one external storage disk on it easily. It works out great and has an LED indicator as well. If you are seeing a blue light flashing on your Synology Disk Station, here is what it means.

Synology Diskstation Flashing Blue Light: What Does it Mean?

While you might not agree with the color choice of Synology on this one, but a blue flashing light would mean that there is some problem with your motherboard. A blue flashing light on the Synology Disk Station most likely states that you are dealing with some sort of motherboard failure and you need to have this fixed for sure. The worst part is that you never know where the problem lies as this can be a failure on your PC, the Server, or the Disk Station motherboard. So, here are a few things that you can do to get this fixed.

1) Restart the System

While the occurrence is pretty rare, but there have been some cases where the problem was resolved by running a simple power cycle on the whole system. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to get away with just a power cycle so it is worth a shot at least. To make this happen, you need to carefully plug out all the connections from your PC, Server, and the Synology Disk Station.

Once you have taken off the connections, let the system be for a while. Then, plug it all correctly as before and start it over. This will solve the issue for you if the blue flashing light is caused due to some sort of error and you can make it work.

2) Diagnose the issue

While all the devices are connected, and you are seeing the blue flashing light, you will not be able to make any of them work due to security reasons. So, make sure that you unplug them all and then run a diagnosis on each of them to figure out which component or the device might be having the motherboard failure issue on it. This will allow you to have a better understanding of the problem you are dealing with so you can move forward to have a fix for it.

3) Get tech’s help

Motherboard issues and problems are not easy to be fixed and you will be needing a tech’s assistance to have them fixed. After you have rooted out the device or component that might be triggering the failed motherboard alert, take it to an experienced technician or the OEM warranty center and you can have that fixed properly.

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  1. I just got a 918+ working again. I had 2 blue flashes (only and no boot). Synology support said hardware, out of warranty, we don’t sell parts, its dead.

    I found a Reddit post where someone had the same, and a replacement PSU/brick solved the issue. That worked for me.

    So the PSU/brick lights up green, no reason to suspect its the issue, but its a cheap fix at ~$30.

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