4 Ways To Deal With Windscribe Not Working With Netflix

windscribe not working with netflix
windscribe not working with netflix

Netflix is one of the most used and popular contents streaming platforms because it has a never-ending range of TV shows and movies, irrespective of which plan you have purchased. However, the content is sometimes geo-restricted, which means you won’t be able to stream the content if it has been legalized for a specific country only. For this reason, people depend on Windscribe as it can mask the IP address and blue the geo-restriction issues. However, there are times when this VPN service stops working on Netflix, so let’s see how you can fix the issues and connect Windscribe to Netflix.

Windscribe Not Working With Netflix Fix

1. Delete The Cookies

To begin with, you have to delete the cookies. If you browse the internet regularly, you would know that some websites ask you to accept the cookies to resume using the website. The cookies are small files that are curated to improve the internet experience. However, for this purpose, the cookies contain information regarding physical location, which can restrict the functionality of Windscribe VPN as it will be able to identify the location with the help of cookies. That being said, we suggest that you delete cookies from your internet browser that you are using to stream Netflix. After deleting the cookies, connect to Windscribe and start streaming on Netflix without interruptions.

2. Choose A Different Server

When it comes down to the Windscribe VPN, it has various servers just like other VPN services. However, Windscribe VPN will stop working with Netflix when the IP address you have been provided has been identified by the company and has been blocked by Netflix. This is because Netflix has a very stringent policy when it comes down to connecting the VPN as the company doesn’t allow it. That being said, we suggest that you change the server on your VPN to choose a different IP address. As far as changing the server is concerned, you can check the available server list from the main page of the VPN or the dashboard.

3. Traffic

Traffic is one of the most critical factors when you are using the internet, be it for streaming Netflix or connecting to the Windscribe VPN. Having said that, if your VPN is connected to a busy server, the high traffic passage will result in connectivity issues and the Windscribe will fail to connect with Netflix. That being said, we suggest that you check the server your Windscribe VPN is connected to and check the load (it is added in the brackets or right beside the server name). You can compare this load with the traffic load of other servers listed on the platform. So, skim through the list of Windscribe servers and connect to a server with minimal load to ensure a more consistent connection.

4. Choose A New VPN

If you have tried all other methods but the Windscribe is still not working with Netflix, there are chances that the streaming platform has blocked this VPN service. So, just try connecting your Netflix with another VPN service and we are sure it will work fine. However, before shifting to a new VPN, you can call Windscribe customer support as well!

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