Netflix Not Working On PlayOn: 5 Ways To Fix

playon netflix not working
playon netflix not working

Streaming videos and movies are the ultimate pastimes for everyone. However, some people want to record the streaming, and they use PlayOn for it. It’s actually the media server and video recorder that allows the users to stream content on different devices.

On the contrary, if you are using Netflix but have PlayOn Netflix not working is bugging you, we have the troubleshooting methods lined up for you!

Netflix Not Working On PlayOn

1) Netflix Server

Before we start checking the internet connection or blaming PlayOn, you need to check if the Netflix server is up and running. This is because if the app is not starting or is failing to load, there are chances the Netflix server or service is down.

You can check the Twitter or Instagram handles of Netflix to check details about the server issue.

In case the Netflix server or connection is down, you will need to wait for it because only Netflix can fix it. On the contrary, if the server is fine, you can move to the next troubleshooting method!

2) Reboot

First of all, no, it’s not cliché because the reboot can resolve the majority of issues and Netflix not working is one of them. That being said, you have to reboot the device with which you are using PlayOn because it can resolve the configuration issues. Believe it or not, rebooting the device can resolve minor system issues and faulty apps. So, just reboot the device and try using Netflix again.

3) Internet Connection

In case the reboot didn’t work, you have to check if the internet connection is working properly or not. It’s an obvious fact that Netflix needs a stable and active internet connection for proper functionality and loading. It doesn’t matter if you are using mobile data or a Wi-Fi connection; you need to ensure that the internet signals are strong and stable.

In some cases, people also switch on airplane mode by mistake, which can disrupt the internet connection. So, check for the airplane mode as well and switch it off if it was enabled.

4) Router

The router is responsible for transmitting the internet signals. In case you are using a Wi-Fi connection to use PlayOn and Netflix, the router’s functionality can directly impact the workability. For this purpose, you need to reboot the router. For rebooting, you have to take out the power cable as well as other cables. When the router switches off, wait for five minutes before you insert the cables.

Once you’ve inserted the cables, you can plug in the power cable, and the Wi-Fi connection will be streamlined, and Netflix will work fine.

5) App Updates

If you are assured that the internet connection is working fine, you have to look for the Netflix app updates. This is because the Netflix app has a hard time working properly if there are updates to be installed. That being said, you need to check for the Netflix app updates and download them if possible. When the Netflix app updates are installed, reboot the device before you open the Netflix app!

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