Why Is Fairpoint Internet So Slow (Reasons)

why is fairpoint internet so slow
why is fairpoint internet so slow

The 21st century is all about tech and innovation that has made the fast internet mandatory. This is because people rely on the internet for daily chores. Be it replying to business investors through email, hosting the weekly employee meeting online, or keeping the record of inventory, everything demands robust internet access.

In addition to businesses’ need for the internet, homes need the internet as well because kids need to do research for their assignments and freelancing is up on the rise as well. All in all, fast internet access has become integral. For this reason, you chose FairPoint Communications as they seemed to be a reliable choice.

Still, some people have been complaining about slow internet speed that’s declined their productivity. The customer service only offers troubleshooting tips (that don’t work), and company authorities don’t seem to bother the customer’s issue. So, in this article, we are sharing the possible reasons behind slow internet speed on FairPoint Communications.

FairPoint Communications – Background

Over the years, FairPoint Communications has been getting bad press, accrediting to slow internet speed. This has put their entire reputation on the stake which is the most probable cause that the company underwent rebranding. With the rebranding, the company is now named Consolidated Communication.

The rebranding was also the result of the merging of two companies, resulting in a fiber footprint in 24 different states. Even more, they have covered more than 36,000 route miles. According to the higher authorities, this merger is supposed to bring seamless internet experience for the users, along with high-end customer service.

Reasons Why Is Fairpoint Internet So Slow

With all the next-level steps being taken by Consolidated Communications, the users still haven’t been able to enjoy the fast internet speed (contrary to what they were promised). To be honest, this was a disappointment because things were supposed to get better after the merger and rebranding. However, we have managed to outline some reasons for slow internet speed, so have a look!

Wrong Advertisement

When we say that Consolidated Communications have gone to wrong lengths to earn the user base, we mean it. This is because people have been complaining of internet speed lower than 1Mbps (against the service promises, of course). Also, the customer service either makes the users do technical stuff or don’t reply at all.

These issues have made users frustrated, leading to lawsuits against the company. The company is under investigation to see if they are complying with the federal and national laws for providing the ISP services. So, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Consolidated Communications opted for fake advertisements with zero resources to meet the user demands.

Internet Throttling

This has been another groundbreaking realization because some users have been accusing the company of throttling the internet speed. Internet throttling means that if some user has reached a certain limit of downloads and browsing, the company purposely slows down their internet speed.

The throttling has been implemented even after people were paying for unlimited internet packages. The customers have been sharing details and screenshots that the company is at fault. Still, the company hasn’t been handling these queries appropriately. So, internet throttling might be the culprit for slow internet speed at your end.


With all these details, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that Consolidated Communications’ internet signals aren’t the best ones out there. This means that their signals can be easily influenced, leading to slow internet for the users. If you are experiencing slow internet speed, there are high chances that other frequencies and signals have messed up your internet signals.


With Consolidated Communications’ rebranding, people have had high hopes regarding the internet signals. This is why the number of new service subscribers increased exponentially. However, the company doesn’t seem to have enough resources and bandwidth that can meet everyone’s internet needs.

So, there are high chances that the server you’re connected to, is highly congested. This has also put the reputation of the company in the dark as their promises don’t seem to work for the people.

The Bottom Line

To be honest, the internet issues with Consolidated Communications has been a headache for every user, as everyone’s experiencing this lagged service. The company is under investigation which isn’t a good sign either. So, let’s see what the investigation results bring for the users!

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