5 Reasons For Slow Internet In Apartment With Fix

apartment internet slow
apartment internet slow

Imagine reaching your apartment after a long workday with intent to Netflix and chill, only to find out that your internet is too slow to load that movie. Well, that’s a bummer for sure. The internet has become a necessity and it’s evident that we are unable to function without it. Every work and personal chore is related to the internet.

This is why slow internet can be pretty exhausting in the apartment. There are multiple culprits of slow internet and we have caught them all. In this article, we will share the possible reasons for the slow internet in the apartment and some tips to improve the speed. This guide will help you solve all the internet related problems and in no time, you will welcome blazing fast internet speed!

Reasons For Slow Internet In Apartment

1. Device Congestions

The modern era is all about smartphones, depicting that you probably have the smart plugs, home minis, cameras, smart plugs, and much more. All these devices use the internet connection as they send and receive huge amounts of data.

2. Signal & Range Penetration

The location of the router will deeply impact the internet speed. The WiFi routers are designed to offer 2.4GHz and 5GHz speed, and obviously, 5GHz is faster. However, 2.4GHz signals can pass through the concrete objects, while 5GHz can be limited to your home.

3. User Base

If you are having an apartment party, all the guests will be connected to the internet. This increases the number of devices on the network. Even more, you might have your PlayStation on update and Windows on reconfiguration, while you are watching Netflix and playing games. This increased number of users can be the culprit of slow internet.

4. Network Cable

There are high chances that you are using the Ethernet cables or you’ve plugged the internet cable directly into the computer. In this scenario, you might need to check the cable infrastructure. If you are using the cat-5 cable, it can be the prime reason behind the slow internet. It is advised to either go for cat-5e or cat-6/6a for uninterrupted internet signals.

5. WiFi Extenders

WiFi extender has been higher in demand for the last couple of years. This is because these extenders promise to increase signal strength and reception. Some people even go to higher lengths by opting for Powerline. However, these tactics tend to disrupt the internet signal, causing interferences and leading to slow internet.

Tips For Improving Internet Speed In Apartment

1. Computer

If you are using older devices, there are high chances that your internet speed will lag, given the slow chips and lower memory. So, it is advised to upgrade the devices. If you cannot upgrade the device, you can update the software as it’s helpful in optimizing the internet signals, promising improved internet speed.

2. Go Wired

Wireless internet is an all-new rage for its convenience but it comes with the fair share of downsides. The first one is the interference of frequencies of different devices and even your apartment neighbor’s signals might tangle with yours. So, it is advised to opt for wired internet. If not wired internet, you should change the location of the router for better signal reception and sniff.

3. Hardware

Many people never compare this but if your device or router is not properly plugged in and turned on, it will amplify the internet connection issue. So, make sure everything is in place and fastened up tightly. Also, you can call the service providers for the optimal fitting of the internet setup.

4. Viruses

Now, this can be one of the biggest culprits out there and it tends to be the most underestimated one. So, it is advised to run the anti-virus programs and excrete out the possible viruses. That’s because these viruses can clog up the internet connection as well, and removing them will be beneficial for the internet speed.

5. Cookies

You should always enable the cookies in the browser settings because they tend to improve the online browsing experience. So, always enable the cookies because there are high chances that the apartment is perfectly fine and your browser settings are messing up!

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