How To Block Xfinity Ads? (Explained)

block xfinity ads
block xfinity ads

Everyone loves to enjoy some movies and TV shows after the long and hectic workday. This is the prime reason that people opt for Xfinity because they have designed a variety of packages and plans. With this being said, there is an increase in the ads with Xfinity, and if you want to block Xfinity ads, we have got some options for you!

How To Block Xfinity Ads

Managing The Ads

First things first, ads tend to be intriguing whenever you are watching the TV. However, you can manage the ads easily through the device based choices on the website. This tab can help with social media ads, interest-based advertising, and web and mobile analysis. In the case of social media ads, you can visit the opt-out pages for conducting social media advertising.

In the same vein, there are interest-based advertising with which you can set the preferences. There are different technologies and cookies preferences to manage the ads. In the case of web and mobile analytics, you can disable the analytical cookies from the website and utilize the controls from the browser. In this case, you can utilize the opt-out mechanisms from the Xfinity website.

In addition to advertisements, you can manage how Xfinity can change the network and preferences through calls. In this case, you need to select the view settings section of Xfinity settings. For everyone interested in the emails and marketing, you can select what kind of emails you can receive. With this being said, you can set the right preferences. In this case, it is suggested to update the email address and optimize the communication standards.

Using VPNs

For everyone who is unable to get rid of unwanted ads or are unable to block them, you can utilize the VPNs. In this section, we have outlined the different VPNs for getting rid of ads, such as;


NordVPN has designed a special ad blocker for people who don’t want to be intrigued by the ads. The service is known as CyberSec. Generally, this service is used to alert users about malicious websites and content. Similarly, it can be utilized for blocking the ads. This is because the ad blocker will ensure there are no unwanted installations and code distribution through the ads.


NordVPN is the paid ad blocker, and if you wanted a free one, TunnelBear is the ultimate choice. The best thing about this VPN is that you don’t need to register yourself as a user. While using Xfinity, you can download and install TunnelBear as the browser extension and will offer protection from the ads. On top of everything, TunnelBear is designed with top-notch security, given the interactive interface.


Just like NordVPN, Surfshark has designed a special ad blocker known as CleanWeb. The prime reason for the popularity of this VPN’s ad blocker is that it offers protection from the ads that might be containing the virus. In addition, there is a high-end encryption protocol in the VPN service, which promises seamless and efficient utilization of Xfinity.

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