What Is Comcast HSD Performance Plus/Blast Speed?

hsd performance plus/blast speed
hsd performance plus/blast speed

We live in a world of internet, and everyone in this dimension wants to overtake others, which requires speed. We assume this now the speed of men should be equal to the internet speed, which means better speed gives the user more leverage doing things on the internet. The Comcast understands this discourse and wants to help out people in smoother and faster internet accessibility.

Recently, Comcast has announced Hsd performance plus/blast speed. It is a new add-on by the company to its customers, keeping their requirements. We will discuss Comcast Hsd performance plus/blast speed in this article and provide you with information regarding this upgrade.

What Is HSD Performance Plus/Blast Speed

Basically, Hsd performance plus and blast speed are two different Comcast packages that give you different levels of downloading speed. In the Performance plus tier, you will get your speed upgrade by 100 to 150 Mbps, which means an additional 50 Mbps speed at the same price. And in the Blast speed tier, you will get an upgrade ranging from 200 Mbps to 250 Mbps, which means an increase of 50 Mbps.

Does this rise applicable to other Comcast packages?

Comcast never discriminates among its customers or clients because it has the vision to facilitate all as a whole. Apart from Hsd performance plus and blast speed, its other packages too get an increase in their speed. Whatever you have the package in subscription, it will get even more raise in terms of Mbps. In short, those who have a subscribed performance tier will enjoy 60 Mbps as compared to the past 25 Mbps speed. However, the performance starter can only have 5 Mbps raise from 10 Mbps to 15 Mbps.

Will it cost higher?

It was fabricated news spread when Comcast announced the introduction of this arrangement for its customers that Comcast will inflate package prices, and it is unacceptable like this like that. But the reality is totally different. Comcast never inflates its prices without taking their subscribers onboard. So, no worry, keep enjoying perks given by Comcast.

Seek help from Comcast customer representation?

Suppose your subscription is still not upgraded, which is impossible to happen in the first place. But we assume this condition as the worst scenario. Your first resort should be the Comcast customer support center; they will assist you in Hsd performance plus/blast speed up-gradation. And in the meantime will resolve the issue you are currently facing.


It is a commendable step taken by Comcast for its customers or client. The introduction of hsd performance plus and blast speed major leap towards the company’s ambition and goals, and it will penetrate the hearts of customers, and they will more likely subscribe to this service compared to other internet service providers in the market.

We have cogitated all the necessary and relevant information for you to benefit from it. But if you still have any question in your mind and tickling you harder. Please make us aware in this regard so we may respond to you with solutions and better ideas.

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