Comcast Autopay Ecobill Discount: How Much Do You Save?

comcast autopay ecobill discount
comcast autopay ecobill discount

During recent years, there has been a growing awareness of environmental sustainability and a need to find ways to protect the environment. Under this context, many companies around the world have tried to reduce their reliance on paper in a bid to save trees. Many companies have offered lucrative discounts to the customers to quit the old-school way of receiving paper bills and to opt for Internet-based bills. Comcast has also introduced a special autopay ecobill discount. Here are the details of this discount.

The Comcast’s paperless billing allows the consumers to not only view their bills online but also to pay for them online without any hassle.

How do Customers Receive Their Paperless Bill?

The Comcast customers receive their paperless bill at their given email address. They can check all the details on the bill sent to their email. The billing email typically states the amount due, the due date of the bill, and a link to their account where the customers can review their bill statement.

Comcast Autopay Ecobill Discount: How Much Do You Save?

Other than being hassle-free and environmentally friendly, the Comcast Autopay Ecobill is also extremely beneficial for the customers. You can save $10 each month by signing up for Comcast Autopay Ecobill.

What are Other Benefits of Comcast Autopay Ecobill

Comcast’s Autopay Ecobill has the following benefits that have compelled many of the users to opt for this service.

  • It is Hassle-Free
    The customers receive their monthly bill via email and they can sign up to get a reminder when the bill is ready to be viewed online.
  • It is Time Saving
    Comcast Autopay Ecobill is extremely timesaving for the customers. They don’t have to worry about receiving a paper bill and then take out time to pay it through traditional channels. The Autopay Ecobill allows the customers to be able to make payments online, in a hassle-free manner.
  • It is Environment Friendly
    By signing up for Comcast Autopay Ecobill you not only save time and money, you also play your part in saving the environment. Firstly you will help save trees by reducing the paper required, and secondly, there will be less trash to dispose of.
  • It is Secure
    Comcast Autopay Ecobill is secure. You will access the account and billing information by logging into your Comcast account.

Some customers have reported being told at the time of signing up for services at Comcast Stores, that to avail the auto-pay eco-billing they have to update the settings online. According to Comcast, when customers sign up for the autopay ecobill it can take up to 45 days for the system to make these changes.  So when you first sign up for the autopay ecobill wait for at least 45 days to see the discount appear on your monthly bill. Also, it is important to note that the discount is not retroactive and it will only apply to the second bill. Nevertheless, it is a great initiative by Comcast, and over time it has become the preferred method of billing for many of the customers.

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  1. We were offered the $10 discount by a service agent to switch to autopay and paperless. We did not see discount on agreement or on 1st billing. Went into a xfinity store and was told that the $10 discount for paperless was only for “new” customers, so we cancelled the paperless option.

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