What Is vpngui.exe? How To Remove It?

what is vpngui.exe
what is vpngui.exe

VPNs are often used for accessing the hidden websites or websites that aren’t allowed in a certain region. For this reason, people often use the Cisco AnyConnect VPN Client since it has high-end features but vpngui.exe is a common component that people don’t know about. So, if you are considering, “what is vpngui.exe?” we are sharing all the information with you!

What Is Vpngui.exe?

This is basically a file and is the software component of the VPN client. Cisco AnyConnect VPN is basically a VPN or cybersecurity application that provides much-needed security and protection while using the internet. That being said, vpngui.exe can run the graphical interface for the app but it’s not an important process for Windows systems. It can be easily disabled if it’s creating issues for your systems.

Cisco AnyConnect is the program that’s known to connect the systems to private networks (virtual ones). Then, the client allows proper and secure access to the network resources and shows that the user is connected to the specific network. In addition, it is known to provide browser-oriented VPN access. Coming back to the point, vpngui.exe shows the executable file.

Keep in mind that such executable files can harm the computer system which is why you should consider if this file is a trojan that needs removal or if it can be kept on the system. For the most part, vpngui.exe isn’t important for Windows operating systems and is generally found in the C:/Program Files. There are different files sizes of the file and are respective to change with the Windows version.

If you are concerned about visibility, vpngui.exe tends to have a visible window but it’s still not the Windows system file. In addition, it has digital signing and the overall process is known to monitor the applications. For this reason, vpngui.exe is considered 12% dangerous.

Stopping Or Removing Vpngui.exe?

We have already mentioned that this file is used by Cisco VPN. In the majority of cases, the non-system processes can be easily stopped since they don’t perform any function in the operating system. That being said, you have to remove Cisco VPN if you want to remove this file. So, for deleting the Cisco VPN Client, we are sharing the instructions with you;

  • First of all, click the Windows and R keys at once and the dialog box will appear
  • Write down appwiz.cpl in the text field and a list of installed programs will appear
  • Scroll down to Cisco CPN Client and right-click on it
  • Then, choose the delete option and the VPN will be deleted

If you are concerned about the intensiveness, it’s needless to say that vpngui.exe isn’t CPU-intensive. But again, using too many programs at once can slow down the performance of a PC. For this purpose, you have to reduce the load from the system. You can do it by typing “resmon” in the dialog box that appears by pressing the Windows and R keys.

For the most part, the issues will occur by the applications that are executing the processes. So, the only solution to fix the error is deleting the VPN client or update it!

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