How To Stop Hotspot Shield From Updating?

how to stop hotspot shield from updating
how to stop hotspot shield from updating

Software updates are important for every program because they can directly influence the functionality of the program. The updates can add new features, fix the bugs, and patch up the security issues. However, too many updates can become really frustrating and that’s why people ask, “how to stop Hotspot Shield from updating?” In this article, we are sharing the instructions!

How To Stop Hotspot Shield From Updating?

If you are using Hotspot Shield, you would know that it’s one of the fastest and high-performing VPNs for gaming and streaming. There are regular updates to ensure the performance is on point but too many updates often lead to frustration. In this section, we are sharing how to stop updates if you are using Hotspot Shield on Windows, such as;

  • Open the start menu on your computer and choose the task scheduler
  • Run this program and expand the library list (you have to click on the triangle icon)
  • Now, choose Hotspot Shield’s author from the list
  • Then, tap on the force stop button or disable button
  • As a result, Hotspot Shield will be disabled and updates will stop

On the other hand, if you are unable to disable the updates, there are high chances that it’s operating in the task schedule. For this purpose, you would want to remove the entire task scheduler (you will just tap on the remove button instead of disable button). As a result, we are pretty sure that updates will drop.

Latest Version

We understand that you are already done with the updates but download this update might even help you. This is because the latest version of Hotspot Shield comes with the option to disable the automatic updates. So, download the latest version of Hotspot Shield, and once it’s downloaded, open the auto-updates module. From this module, disable the automatic updates and updates will stop. At this point, we would like to add that this disable option is only available for Hotspot Shield plugin and not for apps.

Task Manager

This is probably the last solution that you can follow for stopping the automatic updates. So, with this solution, you should open the task manager for Hotspot Shield and look for hss in the available options. When hss appears, right-click on it and you will be directed to file manager (it is available in the programs tab). Now, you will see a file named Hotspot Shield, so delete that. As a result, you won’t have any updates or clingy pop-ups.

In addition to this, when it comes down to hss, you can right-click on it and choose the “end task” option. The end task option will actually close down the app or plugin, so it will stay in the system but won’t download any updates on its own.


This might not be a very comfortable solution because you will have to cut off the internet connection. In simpler words, whenever you see that an update is being downloaded in the background, cut off the internet access for a few minutes and the update will stop for some time!

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