Android Keep WiFi On During Sleep

android keep wifi on during sleep
android keep wifi on during sleep

Android has tons of interesting feature that will allow you to enjoy the right edge of utility and have the best possible experience as well. One such feature is the sleep mode that automatically turns the phone screen off if the phone is not in use in order to save the battery and resources on your phone.

There are certain limitations to it as well, and sometimes the phone will also turn off the Wi-Fi during the sleep mode to save the battery for you. However, it has certain pros and cons to it and here is what you need to know about it.

Wi-Fi Off During Sleep

If your phone turns off the Wi-Fi during the sleep mode, that means no new messages will be loaded and you will miss out on most of the notifications that are accessed over the internet. Not only that, but any downloads that you have in progress will also be paused and your phone will try to preserve the battery to its best.

With such controls, people would sometime want to disable the sleep mode, or to keep the Wi-Fi on in order to make sure that they are not missing out on the important notifications on their smartphone.

Android Keeps WiFi On During Sleep

Yes, Android allows you a wide range of controls over the features on your phone and that includes configuring the sleep mode according to your preferences as well. So, if you want to keep the Wi-Fi on during the sleep mode as well in order to receive the notifications that you want and not miss out on anything important, you can keep the Wi-Fi on during the sleep mode as well.

How To Do It?

In order to keep the Wi-Fi on during the sleep mode, you will need to configure the Wi-Fi sleep policy on your Android. You will have to go to the settings, and then click on the Wi-Fi option there. Under the Wi-Fi menu, you will be able to find “Advanced” option which will have all the advanced features to control Wi-Fi settings on your phone.

So, all you will have to do is to make sure that you are tapping on the Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep option and then select “Always” after that, you can save the settings and your Wi-Fi will never turn off during the Sleep mode.

Some Cons

You will also need to know the cons that you will have to face if you select keeping the Wi-Fi on always, even during the sleep mode. It will be consuming your phone’s battery constantly as the applications will keep refreshing themselves for any new notifications and messages and you might end up draining the battery of your phone.

Not only that, but your Wi-Fi will be used and if you are on a limited data plan, that is not the ideal situation for you to have. That is why, you will need to consider the decision thoroughly and make sure that you are taking the right choice.

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