Things To Consider While Using Work WiFi On Phone

using work wifi on phone
using work wifi on phone

Job and work are the undeniable parts of our lives, but so is the internet, right? Believe it or not, we all have been using work Wi-Fi on phone, and it can get scary sometimes. This is because people consider if the employers will be able to see how they use the work Wi-Fi on the phone. So, let’s find out the details!

Using Work Wi-Fi On Phone

To begin with, the employers can see which IP address or domain that you tend to browse along with the bandwidth that you are consuming. That being said, the users can check which services their employees are using by identifying the destination port. On the other hand, if the traffic is encrypted, the employees won’t be able to check what you are doing.

In this regard, one has to understand the website configuration. In particular, if the website has a secure HTTPS configuration, reading the traffic won’t be easy for employers. In simpler words, if the traffic is encrypted, you are safe as well as your browsing activities. Similarly, with the HTTPS website, you will remain safe, and you won’t have to worry about anyone sniffing the password or Facebook activities.

However, they will be able to check that you streamed Netflix, scroll through Facebook, and check your email. In addition, they will be able to check how much traffic and bandwidth was consumed for each of these platforms, but they cannot see what you streamed, what emails you checked, and which memes you liked on Facebook.

Secondly, if the background apps have chattered away, the employers will be able to see which apps you’ve installed on the phone. But again, they will not be able to see the content of the app. However, if the app has incorrect configuration and design, the employers might even see the contents of the app. For this reason, if employers can check the app activities majorly depends on the app itself.

If you still have some questions about using work Wi-Fi on the phone, we are sharing the summary of what employers can see, which includes the following;

  • The types of applications and actual apps that are being used on the phone
  • The time when you used the work Wi-Fi
  • The number of requests made for accessing the internet connection
  • The internet traffic and consumed bandwidth

Things To Consider

The employer might not be able to see what you are watching or what you used the internet for, but they can see which sites and apps were accessed. To illustrate, they can see that you accessed Netflix but cannot see what you watched. All in all, it’s pretty obvious that you won’t have privacy when using the work Wi-Fi, so you must not be using it for personal activities.

On the other hand, the users can add the VPN configuration, but it is still against the company policy. Also, they will be able to identify your phone by checking the connected devices on the network. So, it’s best that you don’t use work Wi-Fi on your phone.

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