4 Ways To Fix Vizio TV Network Disconnected

vizio tv network disconnected
vizio tv network disconnected

Ever since the notion of smart televisions experienced a rise, people have been hovering for these Smart TVs. In the same vein, Vizio Smart TVs have become the ultimate choice with high-end features and a reasonable price. But if you aren’t connected to the internet on your Vizio Smart TV, it won’t work at its top capability, and movie streaming isn’t suitable. In this article, we have added troubleshooting tips for people who need a robust internet connection. This internet connection will directly impact your experience with Vizio Smart TV. Have a look!

Vizio TV Network Disconnected

1) Wi-Fi Network Checking

First of all, you need to capture the real culprit before you move to advanced troubleshooting methods. That’s to say because it is better to check if the internet is working. For this to work, connect some other device to the same Wi-Fi network. If the device connects to Wi-Fi and internet works, the fault lies in your TV.

2) DHCP Settings

DHCP is the name for a dynamic host configuration protocol. This protocol promises a connection between router and TV. With connectivity issues on Vizio Smart TV, toggling with the DHCP settings will fix the issue. For toggling these settings, follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Take the Vizio Smart TV remote and press the menu button
  • Go to network and hit the manual setup option
  • Tap on DHCP and switch it on

On the other hand, if DHCP settings are already switched on, toggle them to off and switch it back on again.

3) Power Cycling The Modem/Router & TV

For every possible issue, this power cycling will be the ultimate solution. For power cycling, you need to turn off the TV, modem, or/and router by taking out the power cord. Wait for around one to two minutes and connect the router and modem. Once these two are connected, switch on the TV and see if it establishes a connection. This power cycle will resolve minor software issues that might be impacting the connectivity.

4) WPA-PSK Settings

Believe it or not, the routers are built with multiple security settings. As far as the Vizio Smart TV is concerned, it shows maximum performance and functionality with WPA-PSK encryption. For checking the encryption settings, you need to follow the below-mentioned steps;

  • Write down the default gateway IP address in the web browser’s URL bar
  • You will be able to access the router settings
  • Change the encryption to WPA-PSK from the menu

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