Vizio Sound Bar Not Responding To Remote: 5 Fixes

vizio sound bar not responding to remote
vizio sound bar not responding to remote

The soundbars have become important devices for people who need spruced-up sound and the sound from the TV’s built-in speakers aren’t enough for them. For this reason, people choose the Vizio soundbar for its high-quality and clear sound quality.

However, the Vizio soundbar not responding to the remote is a real issue but there are some fixes available for you!

Vizio Sound Bar Not Responding To Remote

1) Line Of Sight

When it comes down to the soundbar not responding to the associated remote control, you must check the line of sight. The line of sight must be checked from the remote control to the IR sensor of the soundbar.

This is because the Vizio soundbars and remotes need a direct line of sight to the sensor (the IR sensor, to be precise).

For people who don’t know, the IR sensor is known as the eye of the soundbar which is known to identify the signals from the remote control. When the IR sensor receives the signal from your remote control, it will follow the command.

That being said, you must ensure that nothing is blocking the soundbar’s front side, such as DVD stack, picture frame, cable box, or anything else. So, if there are such objects blocking the signals, remove them and it’s likely to fix the responsive issues.

2) Power Cycle

Yes, it’s a cliché solution but we are talking about power cycling the remote control. For power cycling your remote, simply remove the batteries and press all the buttons on the remote control twice. Also, the remote controls tend to have a few buttons which means pressing the buttons won’t take a long time. Once you’ve pressed the buttons twice, insert all the batteries again and test it!

3) Batteries

If power cycling the remote control with the Vizio soundbar doesn’t work, there are high chances that batteries aren’t working. This is because sometimes, all your batteries need is a fresh pair of batteries because it’s likely to bring the remote control’s functionality back on track.

It is essential to change the batteries, especially if you haven’t changed or replaced the batteries for a long time. Keep in mind that batteries will wear out with time, so change them and we would suggest opting for rechargeable batteries.

4) Reboot

We have already talked about power cycling the remote control, you also need to reboot the Vizio soundbar. For a reboot, disconnect the Vizio soundbar from the power outlet and keep holding the power button on the unit.

Generally, the power button is available on the left side or on the top of the unit. In particular, you must press the button for around thirty seconds and then let it go. Then, connect the soundbar to power and see if it responds to the remote again.

5) Software Update

Vizio soundbar is an amazing device and it operates with software. This is because if rebooting the soundbar doesn’t work, you must update the software version. That’s because the 2014 and 2015 Vizio soundbars tend to have multiple software issues and can be fixed by updating the software. So, sign up on the website and download the soundbar’s software update according to the model!

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